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Breaking Down Team India’s Schedule for 2023 Cricket World Cup

In this article, We take a look at Team India’s Schedule for the 2023 Cricket World Cup. Also check out the advantages, disadvantages and challenges as well for Team India in the upcoming Cricket World Cup.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 17.08.2023
Breaking Down Team India Schedule for 2023 Cricket World Cup

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The Schedule for the ICC World Cup has been announced and all the 10 teams will have 9 Matches in the league stage and they will try to win as many matches as possible and this is the best format because in this format the 4 best teams will reach the semi final and then the 2 best teams will reach the final. However the team that most fans wanted to talk about is Team India.

So, let’s look at the Schedule for Team India and look at the things that can go wrong and how can India do well

Team India’s Schedule for 2023 Cricket World Cup


8th October – India vs Australia at Chennai

11th October – India vs Afghanistan at Delhi

15th October – India vs Pakistan at Ahmedabad

19th October – India vs Bangladesh at Pune

22nd October – India vs New Zealand at Dharamsala

29th October – India vs England at Lucknow

2nd November – India vs Qualifier 2 at Mumbai

5th November – India vs South Africa at Kolkata

11th November – India vs Qualifier 1 at Bengaluru

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Advantages of this Schedule:

1) The fans of all these 9 cities will get to see Team India play the World Cup matches and as many fans can watch their team play the better


2) Team India will be able to get pitches like they would want and they would be able to adapt because it is their home conditions


3) Team India will be in game mode all the time so the momentum will be there and Team India will not be in relaxed mode.


Disadvantages of this schedule:

1) Team India will have to travel after every match so they will not get enough time to practice and they will be tired by so much traveling 


2) Team India will not get the time to stay at one place for long like the other teams like Pakistan who will be in Hyderabad for days together.


3) The schedule has Team India playing a lot of the tough matches at the start which could prove to be a problem for Team India.


The Matches Team India can easily win:

1) Team India should win the Match vs Afghanistan in Delhi on 11th October.


2) Team India should win the match vs Bangladesh in Pune on 19th October.


3) Team India should win the match vs Qualifier 2 in Mumbai on 2nd November.

4) Team India should win the match vs Qualifier 2 in Bengaluru on 11th November.


Challenging Matches for Team India

1) The match vs Australia in Chennai on 8th October


2) The match vs Pakistan in Ahmedabad on 15th October


3) The match vs New Zealand in Dharamshala on 22nd October


4) The match vs England on 29th October


5) The match vs South Africa in Kolkata in 5th November.


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