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Brett Lee - A Bowler of different Breed

Back in 13th July 2012, When Brett Lee announced to drop the curtains of his career it was the End of one Complete Era of Sheer pace Bowling ended with 10th frontline bowler in the history of cricket by claiming 718, Wickets in his career.

Last updated: 24.07.2020
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Back in 13th July 2012, When Brett Lee announced to drop the curtains of his career – it was the End of one Complete Era of Sheer pace Bowling, anyone could have ever Imagined, considering all the wounds and missed tours in his career. Probably, the career of unbelievable heights in which there were 3 ashes rivalry trophies and part of world winning Australia Campaign – the most dominating Australian side of 2000-2007 and ended with 10th frontline bowler in the history of cricket by claiming 718, Wickets in his career.


In spite of a few wounds all through his profession, including some which kept him out of the 2007 World Cup and 2009 Ashes, Brett Lee remained versatile enough to befuddle the great batsman in a career of more than 12 years. Above all, his retirement cut down the draperies of the Era of the most difficult pacer to face off in any conditions – especially he was a nightmare on Australian fast tracks for the batsman. A genius of fast bowling who was esteemed by teammates of opposition and fans around the world.


Quite a few fast bowlers in a cricketing world but there few rare breeds of bowlers who justified the tag of raw pace in fast bowling. Lee was one of the those few bowlers who reliably bowls at a similar pace all through his cricketing career. Lee never settled on pace, which made him a tremendous player to watch when in full song with ball. While after taking the wicket that way to express his gesture in his signature style - genuine performer – with everything in his arsenal to keep the audience on the edge of the seats.


The perfect blend of an energizing cricketer and genuine performer was the factors that makes him so exceptional. Lee was cam into the picture when the predator Australian side was on top, yet was not commonly preferred for their grating conduct. Gradually, yet clearly he wormed himself into the hearts of all cricket aficionados – but on the field, he was completely different cricketer like Warrior Someone doesn’t offer a bit of leeway to the resistance but off the field, he was respected by many of the teammates of opposition and cricket fraternity in the world.

Obviously, there is no quote that being nice cricketer on ground won’t guarantee you a good career. He had what it takes to prevail in any form of cricket – especially in a format like Test match – Brett Lee was a capable help to any semblance of McGrath and Warne from the start of his career just after the retirement of Brett Lee assumed up liability for driving the assault for Australian bowling. While throughout his career Brett Lee took part many T-20 leagues like IPL, Champions Trophy and the BBL - yet in the one day cricket, Brett Lee was a different bowler and treat to watch. Brett Lee in the early days of his career not being consistent with the wicket-taking ability, but by the time when he retired he was greatest fastest bowlers in one decade between 2000-2010 cricket has ever witnessed.

Few of best minutes of Binga the career we can relate here – there are few that always been the best – he was fast and furious and everyone knew from the start of his career – but the fastest spell of his career came against New Zealand in 2005, When he Clocked 161Km/h in a match – the fastest delivery in his career.

The second stand out of his career was when Alex Tudor Stunned by a bouncer from Brett Lee – it was 2002, Perth lee was a nightmare on Australian tracks and Alex Tudor was on the crease trying to leave the ball when he was hit just near his eye and felt on the ground when nothing was working out stretcher was called and he took out of the field after this incident he never walked in cricket field again.

The debut spell against India will always remain at the top of his career. First over of his career and 4th ball by picking the wicket opening batsman and ended with figures of 5/47 on his debut match – he was second after Dennis Lillee to do this in history. 

At last, it leaves the topic of what sort of inheritance Brett Lee abandons. Back then When Brett Lee started his career -  lee was the part of World Class star entertainers that kept up Australians predators side While touching the heights of Pinnacle. While When lee left deserts a side in battling to battle to take his pride back to the peak. In any case, if there is one positive going for the Aussies now, it is the guarantee shown by any semblance of James Pattinson and Mitchell Starc. Any team is fortunate to have a bowling coach like Brett Lee in the Coming years for the young pacer to represent their country.

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