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Top 5 Bowlers to Watch Out For in Women’s Premier League Auction 2023

The Women’s Premier League Auction is only a few days away. Take a look here at the top 5 bowlers to watch out for in WPL Auction 2023.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 07.02.2023
Bowlers to Watch Out For in Women Premier League Auction 2023

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The Women’s Premier League Auction is only a few days away and all the major teams are away playing the T20I World Cup but every one of the captains have said that the Auction will be a big point of attention for everyone as it will be their biggest day. And the bowlers are ones that go for the highest prices so there are a lot of great bowlers that will be on display at the Auction.

More than 1000 players have registered for the Auction and out of which only 90 can be selected that means 9% of the players will only be selected. 

So, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Bowlers to Watch Out For:


1) Renuka Singh Thakur

One of the best bowlers In the Auction and in the world and there is no doubt that all the teams will be going for her as having a top quality Indian fast bowler will be at the top. Renuka Singh Thakur is someone who can rattle the opposition single handedly as was seen in the Commonwealth Games and other matches as well. She will be one of the highest buys.

2) Megan Schutt

Maybe the best fast bowler in the world in Women’s cricket and has been for a while. Megan Schutt has been one of the main reasons that Australia have won so many tournaments in recent years and she is so consistent with her line and lengths that the batters have no clue most of the Times. Megan Schutt will also be in very high demand as there are 5 overseas slots available.

3) Shabnam Ismail

The most in demand bowler from South Africa without a doubt and Shabnam Ismail is one of the fastest bowlers in the Women’s game and she has a reputation of being feared around the world. And the teams will want her in their set up so there is no doubt that she will earn big at the Auction.

4) Meghna Singh

Along with Renuka Singh , Meghna Singh is also one of the fast bowlers who will be in high demand at the Auction next week. Meghna has served Indian cricket for a number of years and finally she is going to get her reward for being so good. Meghna Singh is one of those rare fast bowlers that can get a batter out in so many different ways.

5) Kate Cross

Kate Cross of England will also be one of those bowlers who will be in demand at the Auction and she has been one of the fastest in the world and she loves getting the batters out bowled or lbw. Kate Cross has been consistent and she has been one of the most vocal advocates for the Women’s Premier League and the teams at the auction will bid for her.

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