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Top 5 longest winning streak in ODIs in Men’s Cricket

There have been teams that at one point or another have gone undefeated without a loss in ODI cricket for a long time. Check out here the top 5 longest winning streak in ODIs in Men’s cricket.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 19.03.2022
Top 5 longest winning streak in ODIs in Mens Cricket

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We talked about the most number of balls faced and bowled by players in ODI cricket but the topic which we are about to talk now is not about the players but about the teams and this is one stat that all the teams want to have when they play ODI cricket and it means that the team has been undefeated for that many matches.

There have been teams that at one point or another have gone undefeated without a loss in ODI cricket for a long time and it has been absolutely incredible to see that match after match that particular team just keeps on winning and never lets any other team break its  rhythms at all. So , let’s see the Top 5 Most Consecutive wins in ODI cricket history by a team.

1. Australia (21 Consecutive Wins): 


This is the single biggest win streak in the history of men’s ODIs and it is without any surprise that it is the single most dominant team of Australia from 2003. This unbeaten streak started from 11th January 2003 when they beat England and after that no team was close to their level and in between this streak there was the 2003 World Cup as well where they did not lose a single match and won the 2003 World Cup with ease as no other yeaj was close to their level. They beat good teams at that time like England, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India,New Zealand, West Indies etc. That level of domination is rarely seen.


2. South Africa (20 Consecutive Wins): 

Just one win short and at number 2 in this list with 20 wins in ODI cricket without a defeat is staggering and the fact that they did in 2005 when all the teams were so competitive says a lot about the level of team they were at that time. Their unbeaten streak started on 2nd February 2005 when they beat England and it went on till 16th November 2005 when they beat India for their 20th win but they fell just short of the world record set by Australia.


3. Australia (14 Consecutive Wins): 

After South Africa took the second spot in this list , it is time for Australia to get on this list again and this time they had an unbeaten streak for 14 matches where they beat the best teams in the world and this streak started when they beat India on 12th January 2000 and this run lasted till 1st March 2000 when they beat New Zealand so to do it in just under 2 months shows the amount of ODI cricket that was played at that time.

4. Australia (14 Consecutive Wins): 

Yet again it is the Australian team that is on number 4 on this list and this time also it was a streak of 14 wins and it was the year 2007 in which they did this streak. This streak started in the 2007 cricket World Cup when they beat Scotland and this run lasted for the entire World Cup in 2007 which they won without losing a match just like in 2003. Their last win in this streak was against India when they beat them on 5tb October 2007.


5. Australia (13 Consecutive Wins): 

Out of the Top 5 Best unbeaten streaks in ODIs, 4 have been by the Australian team and in different years as well and that is astonishing to see. This streak was of 13 unbeaten wins in ODI cricket. This streak started when they beat India on 2nd November 2009 and it lasted till 19th February 2010 when they beat West Indies and then they lost their next match but they did their thing.


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