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Ranking The Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in India

PUBG Mobile has been a revelation in the country since its inception in 2018 due to its strong accessibility and availability to the general public. Here is the list of the best PUBG Mobile Players in India.

Last updated: 17.08.2020
Ranking The Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in India | Sports Social Blog

PUBG Mobile has been a revelation in the country since its inception in 2018 due to its strong accessibility and availability to the general public. Once the game has rolled out its mobile version, there has been a major boost in the number of users. It has emerged as the leader in the gaming ecosystem in the country. Content creators, influences and professional players taking an active role in promoting the game among the masses. 

The eSports scene has developed to such an extent that nowadays various eSports organisations are popping up from all parts of India. Organisations like Soul, Orange Rock, Fnatic and TSM - Entity have slowly taken the centre stage in India. 

This Top 10 list of players that have graced the eSports of PUBG Mobile and have vowed us on gameplay, mechanics and overall understanding while also evaluating their longevity, achievements and their contributions which have helped develop the PUBG Mobile eSports scene.

#10. Yash "VipeR" Soni - SouL:

VipeR is one of the two players from team SouL to feature on the list. The young prodigy is a big WWE and Randy Orton fan. One can easily guess how the name VipeR came along. He broke out onto the scene in the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019. And since has developed a massive fan following while being actively involved in the charity streams for local causes.

#9. Harpreet Singh "RonaK" Janjuha - Fnatic:

Having started his career with SouL, RonaK was part of the team that eventually won the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, with two other players who have distinctively made the cut in this list. He looks up to Shroud, a prominent FPS player based in the US. RonaK has now signed with Fnatic, a major eSports organisation that has won several titles across all verticals. RonaK also won PUBG Mobile All-Stars India 2019 and his role as a rifler and support has helped Fnatic emerge as a major force in Indian eSports.

#8. Manpreet "Ted" Singh - SynerGE:

Ted whose moniker could easily be mistaken for a cute cuddly bear that we usually see in movies. But he features on the list mainly due to his performances in the recently concluded PUBG Mobile World League. He emerged as one of the leaders in the kills chart. His main role is as an assaulter for team SynerGE. Having signed with the team at the beginning of 2020, Ted has emerged as an integral part of the setup at the Global eSports giants.

#7. Shekar "Smokie" Patil - Nova GodLike:

Smokie is the oldest PUBG Mobile Player in the Indian domestic circuit. He burst onto the scene with stellar performances for team INS. Known for his accurate long-range sprays, he has the ability to stay unfazed when the going gets tough. He now plays with Nova GodLike with Carry and Exizt and makes it to the list of top PUBG Mobile players of India.

#6. Arshpreet "Gill" Singh - Orange Rock:

Having established his fame with Nova GodLike being their Sniper and creating a name for himself in the PUBG Mobile scene, Gill has now moved to Orange Rock, a leading PUBG Mobile eSports organization. However, he was excluded from the ESL India Premiership due to reasons unknown. It will be interesting how Gill deals with this setback and uses this blip to elevate his career.

#5. Harmandeep "Mavi" Singh - Orange Rock:

Popularly known as the finest assaulter PUBG Mobile has ever seen, Mavi has been a mainstay for team Orange Rock since late 2019 and has helped or achieved several 1st rank positions in major tournaments. Mavi has helped Orange Rock to the pinnacle of PUBG Mobile eSports bearing teams like Fnatic, and TSM- Entity and is thus placed fifth in this list of the top PUBG players in india..

#4. Tanmay "ScOutOP" Singh - Orange Rock (Fnatic):

ScOutOP is one of the biggest influencers of the Indian Gaming Community. His skills and controls are impeccable and are unrivalled. He currently plays for team Fnatic and has a four-finger claw setup. He also streams daily on YouTube and has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

#3. Naman "MortaL" Sandeep Mathur - SouL:

Despite all the ruthlessness and killings in the game, all winners need to have a demeanour of a monk. MortaL, as a leader, remains positive and generates hope in the team. One of the pioneers of PUBG Mobile in India, the team owner of souL has amassed a cult following on social media. Apart from being a full-time streamer on YouTube with over four million subscribers, MortaL is also passionate about playing the game on a competitive level.

#2. Vivek Aabhas "ClutchGod" Horo - TSM - Entity:

CltuchGod, who plays for TSM-Entity took PUBG Mobile fans by storm after his blitzkrieg performance in PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 where he became the top fragger of the tournament. The young prodigy has also previously been part of two top teams: SouL and 8bit. Now, ClutchGod has three front-line assaulters in his team and with Ghatak coaching this team, fans will be excited to watch them terrorize their opponents in global tournaments.

#1. Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral - TSM - Entity:

At the top of our list is Jonathan who is part of a star-studded TSM-Entity. His role as a front-line assaulter is a crucial one for the team. Having mastered the art of zero recoils, his spray control is unmatched in the PUBG Mobile eSports scene. He has also delivered at the global level, going toe to toe with some of Asia's best players, ranking fourth in terms of highest skills in the PMCO Global Finals 2019 and is at the top spot in this list of top PUBG Mobile players in india. It will be interesting to see how he performs in the subsequent weeks and months.

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