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Following a Healthy diet plan provides a route to attain the desired health. There is various kind of Modified Diet plans out of which we would be discussing High Carb Diets.

Last updated: 13.06.2019
HIGH CARB FOODS | Sports Social Blog

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Nutrition and Diet is required for growth and development. Following a Healthy diet plan provides a route to attain the desired goal or the desired results that an individual has been aiming to attain. Nutrients are the chemical components of Food where it is further divided into Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water.

Carb Requirements usually depends on an individual’s age, size, and activity level. However, there are few individuals who want to attain a very lofty physique and have a certain amount of Performance Goals. A few individuals are keen on attaining or finishing a Marathon, to even compete for competitive bodybuilding championships. This kind of competitive advancement is only attained after a certain amount of Practise and Fitness which would, therefore, help in to attain or can get eligible to get accustomed to specialized diet forms.

There is various kind of Modified Diet plans out of which we would be discussing High Carb Diets. It is not recommended to the Athletes or Individuals who are Nutritional Beginners.


To start off Very High – Card Diets could help an individual to attain higher body fat percentages, high insulin levels, and high – starch, etc. High Levels of muscle and liver glycogen benefits the athletes who are involved in long-distance endurance activities. Carbohydrates form instant energy providers for the individuals who carry out such activities that involve exertion for a longer duration. This carbohydrates, therefore, prevents an athlete to pass out while running or doing such exercises.

It should be known that high – Carb diets are not recommended to be followed throughout the year. A certain individual who actually needs to attain a certain endurance level for a certain time of the year needs to follow this type of diet plan. However, this does not mean High – Carb Diets are recommended to these elite athletes throughout the year.

When a trainer or a dietitian recommends an individual to include in a high – carb diet for almost 3 – 4 months in order to gain muscle or even to attain a certain shape to the body, make sure the individual has been following a certain diet plan in order to take in a load of intake of high – carb food.  Here’s a simple calculation or evaluation for whom this kind of diet plan is not recommended – an individual’s event or activity is less than 75 – 90 minutes of duration.

However, we will note down the High Carb food items which are recommended if someone intends to follow the same.

  1. Corn

  2. Sweet Potato

  3. Brown Rice

  4. Oats

  5. Mangoes

  6. Apples

  7. Bananas

  8. Kidney Beans

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