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Top 5 Best Abhinav Bindra Performances

It is time to talk about the OG Abhinav Bindra and the man who made India believe that winning an Olympic Gold Medal is not out of reach for India. Check out his career’s best performances

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 02.09.2022
Top 5 Best Abhinav Bindra Performances

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After doing the best performance articles about Neeraj Chopra and PV Sindhu it is time to talk about the OG Abhinav Bindra and the man who made India believe that winning an Olympic Gold Medal is not out of reach for India. I was fortunate enough to watch that moment in 2008 and every Indian at that time had tears in their eyes and seeing the flag hoisted was a blessing. Abhinav Bindra has had a host of great performances at the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games which we will talk about in this article.

Before we talk about the Best Performances of Abhinav Bindra I want to say that shooting has become a strong sport for India after 2008 and Bindra was responsible for it. He is now happily retired and seeing Indian sports thriving. So, with that being said let’s get to the list of the Top 5 Best Performances of the great Abhinav Bindra.

2008 Olympic Gold Medal


This will forever be his greatest performance and he did In the 10M Air Rifle event in 2008 and he had a qualification score of 596 out of 600 and he went to the final as one of the medal hopes. Then came the final and he had 10 shots in total and he hit a 10.7 in his 1st shot then a 10.3 then 10.4 then 10.5 then 10.5 then again 10.5 and 10.6 then 10.0 and finally 10.2 and 10.8 to win the Gold Medal for India. It was a consistent series of over 10s which put the pressure on his opponents. It was history.

2006 ISSF World Championship Gold Medal

2 years prior to the Olympic Gold he won another Gold Medal at the Shooting World Championship in 2006 in the 10M Air Rifle event where he was the best in the field and he had a total score of 699.1 out of 700 and he again made history and it seemed like there was no one who could beat him in this event. Abhinav Bindra was preparing well in the build up to the 2008 Olympics.

2014 Commonwealth Games Gold Medal

At number 3 is the 2014 Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Games In the 10M Air Rifle event as well where Abhinav Bindra won the Gold Medal again at such a later stage in his career. Champions know how to win at all times. Abhinav Bindra was 3rd in Qualifying as he got 622.2 in his 6 rounds of firing and he advanced to the final. In the final  Abhinav Bindra was on top right from the start as he got a 30 in the first 3 shots then he got 31.2 and from there on everyone got 2 shots and full the end Abhinav Bindra got a total of 205.3 which was a Games Record.

2010 Commonwealth Games Silver Medal

At number 4 is the silver medal that he won at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in the 10M Air Rifle event and here he was expected to win a medal for India after his Gold in 2008. He won a hard fought silver Medal and his Indian compatriot Gagan Narang won the Gold Medal and it was a lovely competition between the 2 friends at the shooting range. It was one of his best performances for sure.

2014 Asian Games Bronze Medal

The last performance that we will talk about in this list is the 2014 Asian Games Bronze Medal and the field in Asian Games is tougher than the Commonwealth Games. Abhinav Bindra won a hard fought Bronze Medal against the Chinese opponents and got another medal for India. He was a living legend at that point but he still had the hunger to go out there and win medals and that says everything we need to know about this great Sportsperson.

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