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Top 5 Moves of Stone Cold

Stone Cold is probably one of the greatest of all time and the moves he has are some of the most common wrestling moves. A look at the Stone Cold top 5 moves.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 26.01.2023
Top 5 Moves of Stone Cold

In this series of the Top 5 Moves today perhaps the most popular WWE superstar of all time will be talked about and his Top 5 Moves and that person is none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. SCSA is probably one of the greatest of all time and the moves he has are some of the most common wrestling moves as well as a few that only he does or in one case, the greatest finishing move of all time. Stone Cold Steve Austin became a better wrestler with each match that he had.

The best move of Stone Cold Steve Austin is no question but the other moves that he had also added to his Matches. Stone Cold Steve Austin was someone who knew how to get the crowd involved in his matches and what move to use at what time was also one of his biggest strengths. 

So, let’s look at the Top 5 Moves of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

1) The Stunner

There is no question that the Stunner Is the best move not only of Stone Cold Steve Austin but also one of the Top 5 Wrestling finishing moves of all time. The Stunner is a move that was so popular among the WWE universe that he could hit 5-6 of these and the fans never got bored. This is a move where first Stone Cold kicked in the gut and then he would cross both his hands and stun the head of his opponent and the impact was great. He played almost all his matches with the Stunner.

2) The Sharpshooter

The Sharpshooter was a very common wrestling move that was used as a submission move and just like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin used this move as a submission move to get the win. He would do it in fast motion and the opponent would feel the full effects of this move where the whole body of Stone Cold would be on top of the opponent. He used in the match against Bret Hart who originated this move

3) Spinebuster

The Spinebuster is a move that was also used by a few of the top Wrestlers at that time and Stone Cold Steve Austin also used this move as a set up Move to the Stunner. The Spinebuster is one of the most effective moves in WWE as it completely lays out the opponent on their back and it helps Stone Cold Steve Austin to get In position to hit his finishing move.

4) The Duplex

The Duplex is a very common move in wrestling but few have done it better than Stone Cold Steve Austin and he used to hit this move a lot on his opponents and this move was where Stone Cold would lift the opponent up in the air and then plant them on their back and this move hurts a lot.

5) Stomp to The Chest

This is also one of those moves that only Stone Cold Steve Austin does and he does it so well that a move with such a simple name can have a big impact. In this move he stomps on the chest of his opponent multiple times in quick motion and the fans go crazy for it and the opponent lies on the ground for a period of time and this move has been made popular by him.

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