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John Beilein may Walk Out on Cleveland Cavaliers as Coach in Less than a Season

Cleveland Cavalier's coach John Beilein, after a devastating run in the league may hang his boots before the commencement of the next season, sources say. 

Abhinav Raj
Last updated: 18.02.2020
John Beilein and Cleveland Cavaliers | Sports Social Blog

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Cleveland Cavaliers’ coach John Beilein’s NBA adventure may come to an end before the commencement of the next season, as multiple reports that came up during NBA’s All-Star Game stated that the 67-year-old may resign.

American sports reporter for The Athletic, Shams Charania including Jason Lloyd and Kelsey Russo have projected that Beilein may hang his boots after the end of the season. ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst also reported Beilein’s plans to resign as the Cavaliers’ coach during the All-Star break, starting Thursday.

Beilein left the prestigious University of Michigan where his tenure spanning about three decades has been deemed ‘highly successful’ for the Cleveland Cavaliers last summer, but it seems that his principles in coaching have failed to translate and manifest themselves in the basketball court. Cleveland currently is the last in the roster of Eastern Conference at 14-30 and the players have reported frustration at his coaching style, which has been apparent at the court at occasions, such as Cleveland star Kevin Love’s evident frustration with Beilein on the court.


Cavaliers’ players had expressed their discontent with Beilein’s methods first 20 games into the 2019-2020 NBA season according to reports from The Athletics’ Shams Charania. The coach has repeatedly been accused of operating with Cleveland Cavaliers as though they were a college program and not an NBA team.

"Guys drowned out [Beilein's] voice, and when guys start searching for the next in line for help, I believe you've lost them," said one Cavaliers’ player.

“The little things become big things, and sometimes very big things,” said another player in the light of the incidents.

So far, the Cavaliers’ have lost 10 of their 11 games after beginning the year at 4-5 and dropped down to 13th in the East ranking, only ahead of Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks.

Both the veterans as well as younger players in every corner of the roster have expressed their frustration upon witnessing the pitfalls of the college team like the environment Beilein has allowed to prevail. Now, the players consider his quirky approach grating; as they have expressed disdain over his constant nit-picking over basic fundamentals, harping in long, lengthy film sessions and not enough versatility in the domain of offense. Some have strongly criticized his methods and owed it to his lack of broader understanding of the NBA game ambiance and the opposing players.

With time, the future of the Cavaliers in the league will be unraveled.  

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