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Kawhi Leonard is constantly evolving: The Clippers wall of defence 

Clippers’ shooting guard is dynamically upping his game with every match: Will the league's most formidable defender lead the team to eventual victory?

Abhinav Raj
Last updated: 27.02.2020
Kawhi Leonard | Sports Social Blog

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Los Angeles Clippers could never amass more championship trophies in the history of the franchise than Kawhi Leonard the previous season, and the player believes it’s time for the team to up their ante and march ahead.

Following the loss to Sacramento Kings, Leonard braced sanguinity and stated that it was the time to bring the positive difference. "You never know what could happen”, said Leonard, "But I mean, now. The time is now. Just got to keep getting better."

In the court, Leonard doesn’t just ‘guard’ the best of the players in the league from scoring; he quarantines them in the court, effectively disabling their shots. The menacing presence of the player becomes a detriment that impedes the scoring route to even the most experienced player in their element. However, a one-man army could win a battle, but could not prosper in a war. With Saturday came the third loss of the Clippers in a row, and Leonard pressed upon the need to get healthier as a team and peak while there was still time. 


In a usual Clippers match, the sustained stretches of zones wherein Leonard gets into the element and starts playing his game, are hard not to love, regardless of whatever team one’s rooting for. The point-guard completely overtakes the game turning the direction, mortifying anyone who dons the jersey of the opposing team.

"But it doesn't matter what seed you are," he continued. "Just got to keep fighting. It is about the right team peaking at the right time. I don't think we have even got there yet. It feels like we are getting close, but we just need guys to get healthy."

The Clippers, however, have seen better days. Los Angeles was compelled to play without Paul George owing to a recent hamstring injury, and Patrick Beverley, who suffered an injury to the groin.

Despite the evident shorthandedness of the Clippers, the inconsistency of the team has become apparent in the current season. The Clippers managed to dominate the resilient Los Angeles Lakers in each of their two meetings, however, they still managed to stumble against the Kings (23-33) not just once, but twice at home, all within a span of just three weeks.

The answer to the Clippers conundrum is not obvious at this juncture. However, it can be said with certainty, if Leonard could simultaneously channel his prime defending prowess once more, the Clippers may have a change of fortune once and for all. 

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