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New Orleans Pelicans soaring high

New Orleans Pelicans drafted the most highly talked about recruit since LeBron James with their first pick in 2019 draft in Zion Williamson. For other improvements, a strong change for a backup point guard should be the move for Pelicans.

Last updated: 19.11.2020
New Orleans Pelicans soaring high | Sports Social Blog

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The New Orleans Pelicans drafted the most highly talked about recruit since LeBron James with their first pick in the 2019 draft in Zion Williamson.

The Pelicans may have missed out on the playoffs this year but the potential for this team is extremely high.

Starting with their center, Derrick Favors has been starting for the Pelicans. He's a glass cleaning rebounder who excels in finishing inside. But Favors now is more of a veteran presence as their backup big, Jaxson Hayes will be taking over from the next season. Hayes is an athletic interior presence who can score inside and defend other big men in the post.


Then coming onto their point guard Lonzo Ball. Lonzo did show a lot of upside during his time in LA but for him to do that consistently for the Pelicans is something we have yet to see. Ball has transformed more into a defensive minded point guard who gets deflections on defense resulting in an easy fastbreak. And Lonzo also can knock down the occasional 3pointer.

But a lot of playmaking and ball handling is overseen by the Pelicans shooting guard Jrue Holiday. Holiday is an excellent playmaker who can push the tempo whenever he wants to. He is a proven defender on the perimeter and can score inside and out.

Now coming onto the two main players the Pelicans are hoping to rest their future on, Brandon Ingram & Zion Williamson.

Brandon Ingram is a 6'7 small forward with a 7 foot wingspan. He lacks a little strength but makes up for it with his agility on the floor. Ingram is a slasher who can also space the floor with his beyond the arc shooting. Ingram is a menace on the offense. He can get open off the ball and can make difficult shots in the paint and from the mid-range as well. Ingram has the potential to be a future all-star in the league.

And now onto the highlight film, Zion Williamson. Williamson is a freak of nature. Though only listed at 6'6, Zion  Williamson's vertical is a whopping 45 inches. Zion is built like a linebacker and can not only run the floor better than his matchups but can also jump out of the arena with his insane dunks over other defenders.

Video: Ingram & the Pelicans awaiting Zion Williamson

The Pelicans front office has been awfully careful to keep Zion injury free because of the way he plays. And rightfully so because Zion has loads of untapped potential to be a true superstar in the league. Though he did not play the entire season, be sure that Zion & Ingram will be making highlights in the NBA from the very next season.

As for other improvements, a strong change for a backup point guard should be the move for the Pelicans. Someone who can eventually take over Lonzo Ball and take some load off Jrue Holiday in the sense of playmaking.

But I strongly do believe if the Pelicans have a completely healthy lineup with a few changes, they might be able to make the playoffs this upcoming NBA season.


Current Superstars - Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram.


Past Superstars - Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, David West.


Past Legends - Baron Davis.

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