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San Antonio Spurs planning long-term

Though the Spurs missed out on the playoffs, in return they got the highest draft pick since drafting Tim Duncan number 1 overall in the 1997 NBA draft. But they are eyeing long term.

Last updated: 27.11.2020
San Antonio Spurs planning long-term | Sports Social Blog

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It was official that the long time streak of the San Antonio Spurs making the NBA playoffs consecutively finally came to an end this year after 22 long seasons.

Though the Spurs missed out on the playoffs, in return they got the highest draft pick since drafting Tim Duncan number 1 overall in the 1997 NBA draft. And one thing you can be sure about is that coach Gregg Popovich is a sniper in the draft, picking up players other teams sleep upon and finding hidden gems both in the first & second round of the draft.

The San Antonio Spurs had their worst season in 22 years and it was evident on the floor. Though the team did not lack chemistry, I think it was for the lack of firepower & a true superstar who could lead the team. As much as I wanted DeMar Derozan to take over the spot Kawhi Leonard left behind, that transition just never happened. And though I wanted Lamarcus Aldridge to be at least half of what Tim Duncan was to the Spurs, I guess that too was a bit of a stretch.


Don't get me wrong, Aldridge & Derozan form a formidable pair but there's something that just hasn't been working out for the Spurs.

One of the few bright spots who I think in-turn will become the Spurs leader is Dejounte Murray. Listed at 6'5 with a 6'10 wingspan, Murray is a lengthy point guard who has bought into the Spurs system.

A defensive point was what Murray was when he came into the league but has worked extensively on his game to control the Spurs offense. Murray has worked on his mid-range game & inside scoring but has yet to work on his 3point shooting. Apart from that, Murray is still an excellent perimeter defender who doesn't back down from a challenge.

Onto another player who has shown a huge chunk of potential is Derrick White. Though White plays at the shooting guard position, he takes over a lot of playmaking for the team. As Murray has already turned into a scorer that the Spurs offense rely on, White has taken up the playmaking responsibilities all the while creating shots for himself every now and then. White helps space the floor with his 3point shooting that Murray lacks & it seems as if he's only going to get better over time.

Video: San Antonio Spurs packing a punch

Now the Spurs might be one of the last teams transcending into the small ball era, shifting DeMar Derozan to the small forward position, Rudy Gay to power forward & Lamarcus Aldridge at center. On paper this lineup looks awfully good but since their late arrival to the small ball era, they've faced a tough series of challenges the past couple of seasons.

Although that too is soon going to change with one of the best draft picks in the 2020 NBA draft by the Spurs choosing Devin Vassell with the 11th overall pick in the first round. I might be a little early in saying that Vassell will be a future star but I'm still going to stand by those words.

As for the Spurs bench, Patrick Mills is no doubt the leader of the second unit. A high energy player off the bench who can knock down a bunch of three's & push the tempo on offense. At point guard, Mills is a floor spacing slasher who is just a menace on the court. You consistently have to keep an eye on Mills because he's always moving around, looking for opportunities & openings for himself or his teammates.

Jakob Poeltl came to the Spurs in the Derozan-Leonard trade from Toronto and is also slowly buying into the Spurs program. At 7'1, Jakob is more of an offensive center than a defensive presence but his length more than makes up for it on the court.

Other players that have shown a lot of upside to their game & will eventually strengthen the Spurs bench are Lonnie Walker lV, Keldon Johnson & Luka Samanic. Walker has been in the Spurs program for a couple of years and seems dedicated to the team & the city. Now both Keldon Johnson & Luka Samanic were first round picks in the 2019 draft but I for one feel these two might have the potential to eventually make it to the Spurs starting lineup in the future.

As for the upcoming season, I don't know if the Spurs will make the playoffs or not no matter how much I'd want them to. But one thing I can be absolutely sure about is that not only will the Spurs make the playoffs, by the end of this decade, they're definitely going to win a championship or two with the type of team they're building for the future.

Current Superstars - DeMar Derozan, Lamarcus Aldridge.

Past Superstars - Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili.

Past legends - Tim Duncan, David Robinson, George Gervin.

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