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How to become a chess Grandmaster

Grandmaster is the highest title any chess prodigy can get only next to World chess champion. Here we take a look at how one can become a chess grandmaster.

Last updated: 28.05.2022
How to become a chess Grandmaster

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Grandmaster is the highest title any chess prodigy can get only next to World chess champion. GM is achieved by very few players and about 1500 have achieved this milestone among millions of chess players in the world. This title is awarded by the international chess federation, known commonly as FIDE along with international master and FIDE master titles. Once a player attains GM title, it is held for life, unless revoked in rare cases like cheating. 

The FIDE awards Grandmaster titles to those who can achieve specific Elo rating and as well as attain three norms as specified by FIDE. First thing is that the player should have achieved a Elo rating of 2500 in his chess career. The next thing is that chess players should achieve three norms in norm tournaments. Norm tournaments fulfill the conditions like having at least three grandmasters from different countries playing over a minimum of nine rounds for a minimum of 120 minutes and an international arbiter should officiate the event in those tournaments. If any player can achieve these two conditions then they will be awarded the grandmaster title. 


There are certain exceptions when GM is awarded like when a person wins World junior championship, world senior championship or world women's championship, then they are awarded with GM title even if they fail to meet the above criteria. 

Magnus Carlsen is the world's number one ranked player and is one of the best Grandmasters in chess history. Vishwanathan Anand was the first Indian to achieve this milestone. So far 73 Indians have achieved this GM title out of 1300 in the world. Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu is the latest addition to the elite list of GM and is an upcoming star in the chess world.

Achieving GM is itself a great achievement and takes lot of practice, patience, planning and execution. Many great players have played many tournaments to reach this title and have made their marks in the chess world. So let's see who will make it next to this elite list and watch out for chess space to find those amazing chess prodigies.

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