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5 Controversial Dressing Room Incident in Cricket

Sports put people of different personalities, from different background together and sometimes it leads to conflicts. Here are the top 5 Cricket dressing room incidents.

Last updated: 04.10.2019
5 Controversial Dressing Room Incident in Cricket | Sports Social Blog

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Controlling emotions is crucial if an individual needs to succeed in sports.

As the game is filled with intensity and sometimes it gets tough, which brings frustration, and frustration is directly linked to anger, annoyance and disappointment. 

Sports put people of different personalities, from different background together but the spirit of the game should be followed at every step of the game. As cricket is called a  gentlemen's game, players should respect his teammates and even the opponents.


Unfortunately, players fail to maintain discipline and clash with counterparts.


Here are the five most controversial dressing room showdowns in recent memory.


1) Nidhas Trophy

The 2018 Nidhas trophy was full of enthusiasm and emotions. Where we saw an exceptional effort from Dinesh Kartik to clinch the title for the Indian team.

However, the talking point on the Nidhas trophy was the last group stage match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, where Bangladesh required 12 runs of the last 6 balls. With the first two balls being bouncer, Bangladesh felt that the second ball was no-ball but the umpires didn't signal anything. Afterwards, Bangladesh substitute Players were engaged in a verbal duel with Sri Lankan players and things got heated up.

Later Bangladesh went on to clinch the game. However, this is where the actual controversy started.

According to Sri Lankan newspaper, match referee Chris Broad said that, ” it was tense and an edge-of-the-seat match with a place in the final on the line, but the actions of the two players were unacceptable and cannot be condoned as they clearly went overboard".

After the match, working staff said that Bangladesh skipper forcefully pushed the door causing the damage. 


2) Kohli-Rohit

In recent times the issue which raised its ugly head on multiple occasions is the personality clash between stars of the side.

After a heartbreaking loss against New Zealand in semi-final’s of ICC world cup 2019, reports were suggesting a rift between Kohli and Rohit. It informed that the dressing room is divided into 2 halves.

According to reports Kohli and Rohit disagreed between the position of MS Dhoni. 

Though Virat Kohli and team India's head coach Ravi Shastri has openly dismissed the rift Rohit is yet to clear the things.

Another thing that has been kept unexplained is the social media activities of Rohit Sharma. He has often posted cryptic messages which tells that something is not right within the group.


3) Warner De Kock 

South Africa Vs Australia is regarded as the most controversial series. Which started with Warner-De Kock rift and ended with sandpaper gates. When 2 teams of such a high calibre play against each other, things are expected to get animated.

Things got heated up right from the beginning which included Warner mocking South African legend AB de Villiers. The on-field umpire managed to control the most but the things heated up in the dressing room staircase.

Both of them crossed a certain line where Warner made a derogatory statement about De Kock's sister and mother in return De Kock said things about Warner's wife Candice. This caused  Warner to lose his temper.

he looked extremely annoyed and started abusing Quinton on his way back to the pavilion.

CCTV footage revealed that the Australian had to be stopped by his teammates to avoid a physical showdown. 


4) Afghanistan

2019 ICC world cup was full of controversies for Afghanistan's teams. 

Mohamed Shehzad, who in the middle of the tournament was sent back to Afghanistan due to his knee injury revealed some shocking statement after returning to the country which highlighted that things were not going well for Afghanistan's team.

Before world cup, Gulabdin Naib was appointed the captain ahead of Asghar Afghan where the senior players like Nabi and Rashid Khan did not like the decision. Reports suggested that there were arguments between selectors and coach, Phil Simmons. 

The team environment remained irregular even after the world cup. Skipper Naib lashed out at his teammates. He went onto add that the experienced players failed the country. Though Afghanistan is not an established side in international cricket, their problems became a major talking point in the cricketing circle.


5) Jadeja-Anderson

Jadeja and Anderson incident fuelled the series, Where Indian left-armer accused English pacer James Anderson of verbally and aggressively pushing him. While Anderson denied the allegations and said that Jadeja was the one who provoked him.

Players from both teams shared their views regarding the incident but failed to provide any evidence and this didn't give a clear picture.

Finally, all the charges on both the Cricketers were dismissed because of lack of evidence.

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