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5 Incredible Cricketers Jersey Should be Retired Forever

Few of the times shirt numbers become highly notable for the cricketers after wearing it on the back of the pullover. Here we have picked up the 5 Incredible Players That Jersey Should be Retired.

Last updated: 26.07.2020
5 Incredible Cricketers Jersey Should be Retired Forever | Sports Social Blog

The Idea of Jersey numbers was started by Australians in 1995-96 – When for the first time players were seen with numbers on the back of their Jersey. The Concept of day and night matches also started my Australian cricket which has transformed cricket completely after that and has huge cricket fans after this successful Concept.

Be that as it may, by the time the concept was an extremely straightforward thing – Jersey with unique numbers on it’s back.

Since at that point, Numbers have been used on the back of the pullovers many times. Numerous cricketers utilize their fortunate numbers to have a good Impact on their career. But on the other side there were some cricketers who kept their Jersey back void deliberately.

Players like Sehwag started his career with the number on his back of Jersey but later during the career he had played cricket without any number on his Jersey.

Few of the times shirt numbers become highly notable for the cricketers after wearing it on the back of the pullover. Many times in the sports field – a professional club or team retired a jersey to pay the tribute to the athlete.  After the Jersey number is retired – No other player can have it on the back of their pullover.


Here we have picked up the 5 Incredible Players That Jersey Should be Retired:


1. Ricky Ponting:


One of the most successful batsman in the history of Australian cricket and if we say greatest No.3 batsman in ODI cricket history it won’t be any wrong. After Clive Lloyd, Ponting was the only captain to lift tournament like 50 over world cups in a row. All things considered, the Tasmanian player had done almost everything in his cricketing a career like ashes trophies, World cup tournaments, Number test sides that went on for a long time. 


Be that as it may, during his 17 years of a long career. Pointing took Australian sides to the unbelievable height that anyone could ever imagine and turned himself into the most successful Australian captain in history. Ponting had the team of exceptional Cricketers and his aura of batting to ripped apart the bowling line ups throughout his career – define the calibre he had. Captain of two world winning campaigns and there was the record during 2003 and 2007 campaign When pointing Side never lost the match during the tournament.


Out of 228 ODIs, in which he was the captain of the Australian side team had won 164 games. Isn’t that look normal in our modern-day cricket – well not this record is still unbeaten in world cricket. In test cricket, he was more fearless with 48 victories out of 77 test matches in which he was captain makes him the most successful in the history. A total of 219 wins out of 322 as a captain with two world cup tournaments and two champions trophy in his arsenal – put him way above the player he was in his cricketing career.


During his captaincy, predator Australian side was at the top of test ranking for very long period of time. While the pullover number 14 was gotten very famous and emblematic corresponding to the Tasmanian cricketer and definitely should be retired who took Australian sides to unbelievable heights during his career to pay tribute to the cricketer.


2.   Muttiah Muralitharan:

He has Started his career in Bowling Friendly pitches but ended on the batting-friendly tracks. Point is to be a successful bowler in a batting-friendly track is very difficult – When bowler have the less opportunity to succeed. But then walks in this Asian Breed to shattered this myth and created the history for most successful off-spinners in the history. 1347 – No its not the random number in between – it’s number of wicket he has in the international cricket –


Have an idea how ahead he was above everyone in the league. It was only Shane Warne after him to have 1000 wickets – Murali was the artist of spin bowling with the every Variations and weapon in his Arsenal to befuddle the batsman Even on batting-friendly pitches. Sri lanka team often called him “Genius of Spin Bowling”.


If you ever doubt his record then have a look around – in most World XI of the history – name of this spin Wizard will always be there in the playing Eleven – with a rare breed of instincts in his bowling variations makes him very different in the league.


A perfect blend of validity and greatness of player who hails from Sri Lanka. Murali revolutionised the essence of Cricket of Sri Lanka with no doubt genius was at the pinnacle of his instincts – When Sri Lanka evolve into world-class sides. Murali Enters the picture in the 1990s in Sri Lanka team – turned them world champion side in his career.


The tag of legend is perfectly justified by this spin bowling genius and definitely go down as most successful spinners of all time. With figures like 1347 wickets more than anyone else in cricket – very difficult to accept that in modern day cricket anyone proceed to overcome this feat Set by this genius.


While, during his career Murali has two numbers on his jersey. 08 was definitely be remembered for the long time. But after taking 800 wickets – he was seen with this number in many franchise tournaments – this is perfect way to give tribute to this legend when he retired from every form cricket both of these numbers should be retired forever.

3. Jacques Kallis:

The next one in the list is the greatest all-rounder of all time. In a cricket When the opportunities are batsman and bowlers only the chance to succeed as any other role like all-rounder is very difficult. But a player like Kallis justified the tag of “All-Rounder” very well throughout his career.


He was a world-class batsman and one of the frontline bowlers among South African pace attack. With more 550 wickets and has amassed 25000 runs in his career – not only done his work but he has ruined party of opponents with his batting and bowling many times.


From time he came into the picture in 1995 till his last game in 2014 – he was at the pinnacle of his game level.


Kallis was the kind of player who never gave his wicket quite easy. Keeping one end safe, taking them back into the match and when captain needs a bowler to get the breakthrough, Kallis was more good over there too. Either with new a ball or old ball – he was a wicket-taking bowler in any conditions.  A few specialists in South Africa side guarantee – if he was not even batsman in his career he could make to the south African team with his bowling abilities – he was the perfect batsman with everything in his arsenal.


Often people compare him Gary Sobers Who was another greatest all rounder of all time. But with Blend like wickets and runs in their arsenal he was way above from Gary Sobers – who had played only one format of game.


Jacques kallis then again - was a braggart and ace of the workmanship in any form of Cricket. After dropping the curtains of his career, he played for different franchises in a T-20 Cricket. With the attributes like these capacity and adaptability – define the calibre he had. During his career, he wore No.3 on the back his jersey and scored huge amount of runs and picked the wickets. It would be a fitting tribute to legend if we retired his Jersey Number forever.


4.  Kumar Sangakara:


One of the greatest left-handed batsman to ever grace this game of gentleman. As left-handed are always an asset for the team he was the most dependable batsman for his team in every situation. With more 14000 runs In ODI under his name define the calibre of this player.


Not just a batsman he was handed over the captaincy and wicket-keeping roles too in his career but that never affected his game in any way. During the sangarkara period team had reached many heights and turned into the world competitor side. He has also held the record of most centuries in a world cup – 4 centuries in 2015 which was his last world cup although team go to next round after quarter-final stage.


During his career, he wore the number 11 on his jersey and it would be a fitting tribute to him to retired this jersey forever to have this number with him only.

5.  Rahul Dravid:

Yes right, how can we miss out someone like Rahul Dravid? It is always difficult to write about him. With not getting much of the credit for his knocks played by him during his career.

With more than 13000 runs at an average of 52.88 while batting at number No.3 in test match define the greatness of this player. The Word like greatness was perfectly Justified by him on many of the occasions. He had 5 double hundreds under his name out of which 3 came in overseas hostile conditions – When team India was fighting for this existence in the cricket.


Most numbers of century partnership, most numbers of catches at slip position and most numbers of hours spent on the crease define he was way above then cricketer. During his career, he wore two numbers on Jersey 5 and 19. In the early days of his career, he wore number 5 but later during the career he has changed it to number 19.


“According to numerology, number 19 is associated with self-determination.”

Everything was perfect in his career of the epitome greatness but he was not got credit as much he deserved. It would be a fitting tribute to him now if we retired his Jersey number to have the number 19 with him only.

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