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All-Time Greatest Left-Handed ODI XI

In this article, Check out the all time greatest left-handed ODI XI featuring best left-handed batsman and left-handed bowlers in the all-time ODI XI.

Last updated: 13.11.2020
All-Time Greatest Left-Handed ODI XI | Sports Social Blog

In a game of cricket, the left-handers, it is possible that the batsman or bowler added another bit of variety with their snazzy cricket playing abilities. In any case, in every era left-handed batsman need to battle with their right-handed contemporaries to get the spotlight. 


The cricket analysis says left handers are assets to the team in every perception. The left handers batsman tend to react quickly in their stroke playing abilities from the right handers while left-arm bowlers create an angle and seam movement to the right handers which is difficult to play against. In the recent few years the left-handed have dominated the circuit either in the batting or bowling to prove their authority.


Even the current ICC ODI ranking is held by left-arm fast bowler Trent Boult. In this segment, sports social featuring best left-handed batsman and left-handed bowlers in the all-time ODI XI. The left handed batsman and left-arm bowler who have been featured in this list must be the specialist as the left-handers while in case of all-rounder he must be specialist as left-handed both in batting or bowling.


Sanath Jayasuriya:


Sanath Jayasuriya – If there would be the term to depict Sanath Jayasuriya, at that point it would be "Hurricane." The player who was the original trailblazer of whirlwind batting in the first hour of the match way before Sehwag, Gilchrist and Hayden. It was during the 1996 world cup when unexpectedly Sri Lanka Captain Arjuna Ranatunga tested this thought of whirlwind batting with his opener Jayasuriya during the fielding restrictions.


The thought had ended up being effective and given the better approach to the cricketing world after. A destructive opening batsman and handy left-arm orthodox bowler across the formats makes him the most prolific cricketer ever produced by Sri Lanka. During his career Jayasuriya was the match-winner who could demolish any bowling attack in only not a few overs to alter the course of the match or make a stop task to carry out as per the circumstance.


In 445 ODI games, Sanath Jayasuriya scored 13,340 runs at an average of 32.36 which include 68 half-centuries and 38 centuries with a career best score of 189. The southpaw has also taken 323 wickets at an average of 36.75 in the limited overs cricket.


Mathew Hayden:


Mathew Hayden – An Artist of flamboyant batting. In a dream team of limited overs cricket this opening pair will set the world on fire with his most destructive batting that anyone could've ever imagined. Hayden throughout his career was the most dangerous batsman of his era across the formats. His ability to completely alter the line and length of any bowler makes him the once-in-a-lifetime-player.


Hayden batting was poetry in motion who had every shot in his repertoire. Despite the fact that the first half of his career was unpleasant yet in the second half Hayden was the hard hitter of the ball who had been the match-winner for the team.


Hayden in 161 ODI games, scored 6133 runs at an average of 43.81 which include 10 centuries and 36 half-centuries with a career best score of 181.


Kumar Sangakkara (Wicket keeper):


Kumar Sangakkara – One of the most stylish left-handed stroke makers in the entire cricket history. An exceptional batsman or a great wicket keeper, Sangarkara was the most complete cricketer ever. When Sangarkara was in his prime he had every shot in his repertoire but his cover drives remained unmatched.


A genuine match-winner who likes to play anchor role against any bowling attack in the world. There were the knocks which gave the brief look of his calibre when he counter attacked on the green top surface against the A-list teams.


Sangarkara in 404 ODI games, scored 14234 runs at an average of 41.99 which include 25 centuries and 93 half-centuries with the career best score of 169. Sangarkara also having the record of most centuries in a world cup (2015) – 4


Brian Lara (Captain):


Brian Lara batting was the blend of Hayden and Sangakkara. One of the greatest batsmen of modern day cricket alongside Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting. However, his abilities to play enormous innings against the quality bowling attack makes him over the rest.


A big match player with sleek stroke making ability made anybody his fan. His snazzy cover drives and late cuts combined with his high backlift caused individuals to want for additional.


Lara in 299 ODI games, scored 10405 runs at an average of 40.17 which include 19 centuries and 63 half-centuries with a career best score of 169.

Yuvraj Singh:


An entertainer who sets the world on fire with his flamboyance throughout his career. A genuine game-changer in the white-ball cricket. Apart from his fielding skills, Yuvraj Singh has won many accolades for his whirlwind batting.


When in full flow there would hardly be anything in the world better than Yuvraj Singh batting. Such was his aura combined with his aggression that everything looked snazzy.


Yuvraj Singh in 304 ODI games, scored 8701 runs at an average of 36.56 which include 14 centuries and 52 half-centuries with a career best score of 150. The left-arm orthodox bowler had taken 111 wickets at an average of 38.68 in white-ball cricket.



One of the best all-rounders in recent times in a white-ball cricket. Shakib-al-Hasan has been the consistent player with bat for the team along with bowling skills, over the years. What makes him not the same as others is his counter-attack abilities against the quality bowling attack in world cricket.


Shakib-al-Hasan in 206 ODI games, scored 6323 runs at an average of 37.64 which include 9 centuries and 47 half-centuries. The left-arm orthodox bowler has also taken 260 wickets at an average of 30.22 in white-ball cricket.


Wasim Akram:


The Phenomenon is called Wasim Akram. Without having much first-class experience, Wasim Akram made his debut into the international circuit and when he left cricket it was all history. Widely regarded as the Sultan of Swing who could swing the ball both ways and made the batsman run for the money. There are very few bowlers or even if we say no one who can or will match the calibre of his left-arm fast bowler in the coming centuries.


Starring in 386 ODI games, Akram had taken 502 wickets at an average of 23.53 and apart from his bowling strengths he was an effective lower order batsman who had made 3717 runs which include 6 half-centuries with the career best score of 86.


Mitchell Johnson:


If there was a bowler after great Wasim Akram who has troubled the batsman with left-arm fast bowling then it was none other than Mitchell Johnson. His ability to generate extra bounce against his raw pace on any surface makes the batsman completely miserable.


Starring in 153 ODI games, Johnson had taken 239 wickets at an average of 25.26 with the economy of 4.84 and apart from his bowling he was an effective lower order batsman too with 2 half-centuries and career best score of 73.


Mitchell Starc:


One of the best left-arm fast bowlers in the circuit in the recent few years. Hardly there is anyone who knows that Starc was the wicket keeper in his early days of career but later went on to become a complete menacingly left-arm fast bowler. From toe crushing yorkers to reverse swing this bowler has everything in his repertoire to set the world on fire with his extreme fast bowling spells especially on the green top surface.


Starc featured in 94 ODI games and took 183 wickets at an average of 22.49 with the economy of 5.12 and an effective lower batsman too who has the ability to score runs in a quick style.


Chaminda Vass:


Vass was not the quick bowler in terms of pace but he had the variations to troubled the batsman with his off-cutters and reverse swing. Chaminda Vass was the very technical bowler when it comes to accurate line and lengths. Vass had been played in an era of Wasim Akram and Glenn McGrath but still he had framed himself into the most difficult bowler of his era.


Vass featured in 322 ODI games and had took 400 wickets at an average of 27.54 with an economy of 4.19 and a good batsman to lower down order too with one half-century.


Daniel Vettori:


One of the greatest left-arm orthodox bowlers in the history of cricket. With his flight, Vettori had troubled even the best of the batsman in the business in his career. Not an effective bowler in terms of turn but with his accurate line and lengths along with change in his pace got him immense success in his career.


Starring in 295 ODI games, Vettori had taken 305 wickets at an average of 31.72 with the economy of 4.13 and also was an effective lower batsman too with 4 half-centuries and career best score of 83 in white-ball cricket.

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