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Bob Woolmer – Murder or Suicide?

18th March 2007, the date when the whole cricketing world was stunned by the news of the shocking death of late Bob Woolmer. What’s the whole story behind whether it was murder or suicide?

Last updated: 29.10.2020
Bob Woolmer Pakistan Coach Death Mystery | Sports Social Blog

18th March 2007, the date when the whole cricketing world was stunned by the news of the shocking death of late Bob Woolmer. The incident took place just after the group stage game when Pakistan team was defeated by 3 wickets from the minnows called Ireland team in their second game of the tournament which in result ended their campaign of the world Cup 2007. Pakistan's team had also lost its first game of the tournament against West-Indies but it was very clear they would qualify for the next round with two more matches against Ireland and Zimbabwe in their group stage round.


The World Cup 2007 was very unexpected in so many ways, not just this one upset of the Pakistan team even other A-List teams like India and South Africa were defeated by the teams like Bangladesh and Ireland. Before the match against Ireland Pakistan Former Players were not happy from Bob Woolmer which even Bob Woolmer ‘Stated that players like Imran Khan and Javed Miandad were planning against him’.


It was the last days of Inzamam UL-haq career and he was looking to end the career on a better note but time had other plans. After the defeat against Ireland, Pakistan team players and Coach Woolmer moved to their Hotel Pegasus in Kingston Jamaica. Room number 374 where Bob Woolmer stayed at the 12th floor of the hotel. Although it was upset and fans around the world were waiting for the next games of the tournament. But followed next day was the biggest shocking news of the 21st century; the news headlines were filled with that sudden death of Bob Woolmer during the Pakistan Team World Cup campaign and found dead in his hotel room.

Murder or Suicide? What was it!


The speculations were started around the world as it was the death of a great coach of the best Pakistan team of that era and speculations were coming straight with too many angles behind it. It was the murder after the defeat against Ireland and Pakistan players have been involved while other reports said he was having health issues maybe after the shocking defeat he couldn't bear the pressure of loss and died due to the heart attack.


Few media reports were saying that local people were involved in his sudden death of the coach. The question was will Pakistan play its final game of the tournament against Zimbabwe on 21st March 2007. As the local authorities declared Bob Woolmer died due a heart attack and closed the doubts of people with the first autopsy reports. The Pakistan team played the final match of the tournament against Zimbabwe which they won easily before looking to leave the world Cup.


A news came out from the Jamaican Police that this sudden death of Bob Woolmer case will be going to be reinvestigated once again. It was good for the Bob Woolmer family and people around the people who were in the doubt earlier. Mark Shields was in-charge of this investigation after the reports declared by pathologist Bob Woolmer died by manual strangulation.


The Pakistan team was looking to take their flight before the Pakistan captain, coach and team manager were asked to stay back in West Indies to be the part of further investigation process. However, the reports later declared that Bob Woolmer died due to natural causes a few months later. But the big officers of that time said that it was clearly murdered in every sense but that investigation was never established that way and went into a completely different zone to come to a different verdict.


There were from statements from the formers players too on this incident in which Clive Rice former South Africa Cricketer said it was murdered without any doubt planned by the groups -

 "These mafia betting syndicates do not stop at anything and they do not care who gets in their way"


Former Australia Cricketer Ian Chappell reckoned “doubts that he died of natural causes” if investigation went into the right direction the verdict was different and Woolmer was about to reveal that “Cricket has a history of being blind to corruption”.


But Cricketing World had lost the smartest brain in cricket during the world cup campaign who was way ahead of its time and Woolmer had predicted many things of 21st century in cricket which were right too after who left way early from his life.

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