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Top 10 Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History

Any guess who is the fastest bowler? We have selected the list of top 10 fastest bowlers in the history of cricket. These are bowlers who have bamboozled the batsman with raw pace but thanks to the consistency of speed of their instincts.

Last updated: 17.07.2020
Top 10 Fast Bowlers Of All Time | Sports Social Blog

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And, the most dominating thing in the world cricket is a white ball or red ball destroying the attitude of a great batsman by stunned him through the raw pace. Isn’t it an awe-inspiring sight for the spectators when the middle stump gets ripped apart from the root and makes the batsman think twice what was that?



Cricket has been turned into batsman game in the last few decades. But still, there are bowlers in the world that actually Justified the Tag of “Sheer Raw Pace” Something always delights to watch the delivery move over 95 miles per hour and befuddle the batsmen not a better sight for the batsman but it’s more about accuracy and shell shocked the batsman with seam movement. Fast bowling is not something to rely on sheer pace only it takes years to learn this skill and to have in the arsenal.

There are bowlers who have bamboozled the batsman with raw pace but thanks to the consistency of speed of their instincts. Fast bowlers are always assets for the team by breaching the defense of great batting line ups and winning games single handily.  

Any guess who is the fastest bowler? In the modern-day cricket can any Does one make it into this list? We have selected the list of top 10 greatest bowlers of all time. The order maybe not right but it will surely make you nostalgic.


1. Jeff Thomson:

He will remain at the top. The genius who has invented the fast bowling tag in the era of great bowlers like Andy Roberts, Malcolm Marshall and Joel Garner.


He set a world record by clocking down the fastest delivery at 160.6km/h.


He has an amazing first class where he took 675 wickets while playing for New South Wales and Middlesex. During 1972 to 1985 when he has played for Australia took 200 test and 55 ODIs wickets and formed the most fearsome pair Dennis Lillee not ripped apart the opposition batting lineups but hurt them real hard. While Australian Cricket board honoured him with Hall of Fame in 2016.


2. Shoaib Akhtar:


When it comes to pace bowling there was only one Asian nation whose bowlers could bowl over 155km/h and that’s definitely Pakistan with the bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar.


One of the most destructive bowlers in the history of cricket. Shoaib Akhtar was the golden generation of Pakistan team of the late 90s where he formed the most formidable bowling pair with Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis.


During 1997 to 2011, he was the frontline bowler of Pakistan pace attack by taking 178 test wickets and 247 wickets in ODIs.


Shoiab Akhtar clocked down the fastest delivery of 161.3Km/h against England in 2003 world cup.


3. Brett Lee:


Another Australian... Surprise how can be they so fast?


If you have a legend like Jeff Thomson earlier there is no doubt coming pacers will be like him. One of the most stylish former fast bowlers for Australia and part of Invincible Australia side of Ricky Ponting.


The Aussies speedster had unbelievable speed and was so perfect wicket-taking abilities from the start of his career.


Brett Lee clocked down fastest delivery at 161.8 kmph against the west indies in 2003 at Brisbane.


But later there was a mistake in his bowling record which was declared by Channel Nine – after saying he set the record of the fastest delivery against New Zealand in 2005, at 161.1Km/h


4.  Shaun Tait:


One of the most underrated bowlers of Australia was Shaun Tait. Back in 2007, he made his debut and came into the spotlight with his awe-inspiring speed skills.


Not having the long career as he was prone to injuries – which fast bowlers always have and he retired in 2011 at the age of just 28.


But he always troubles the batsman in his ODI appearance for Australia and took 62 wickets in his ODI career.


Shaun Tait clocked down the fastest delivery at 161.1 kmph against England.


5. Mitchell Starc:


Another Australian... No surprise if you have played along with Brett Lee in the same team – it means you have the ability to shell shocked the batsman and that’s what this left-arm fast bowler does always.


Mitchell starc was the part of 2015 world cup winning Australia, where he has breach the defense of world-class batting line ups and bring them onto the knees.


Widely known for his inswing yorkers and ability to bowl at sheer raw pace makes him more dangerous on the fast pitches. Since his debut in 2010, he took 244 test wickets and 178 ODIs and turned him into frontline bowler for Australia.


Mitchell Starc clocked down the fastest delivery at 160.4km/h.


6. Andy Roberts:


Finally, there is a West Indian fast bowler. Veteran fast bowler was the part of the golden era of the west indies cricket team in the 1970s where he along with Joel Garner, Malcolm Marshall and Micheal Holding formed most feared bowling units ever in the history of the game.


With his impeccable ability to bowl quick fast, he was considered as the most fearsome bowler of his time.


He clocked down fastest delivery at 159.5 kmph against Australia in 1975, at Perth.


7.  Fidel Edwards:


He was bowling too fast on the nets when Brian Lara saw him and brought him into the team from there it was started.


The speedster from the west indies turned him a frontline bowler when west indies cricket team was going transition phase and took 165 wickets in Test cricket and 60 ODIs wickets in his career.


He clocked down the fastest delivery at 157.7 kmph against South Africa in 2003 while held the record till 2015 of being a fastest bowler.


8.  Mitchell Johnson:


Another Australian... What is the diet of Australian bowlers?


One of the gifted left-arm fast bowlers after Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath era. If there was the bowling pair who look fearsome like the bowling unit of windes 1970s it would definitely be “Mitchell Starc and Mitchell Johnson”.


Mitchell Johnson enjoys getting face off against their Ashes Rival England. 2013 Ashes series will always be remembered by unplayable bowling spells.


Not just rare bowling talent he was equally good with bat too where he scored 11 half-centuries and 1 century in his test career while taking 313 test wickets and 239 ODIs wickets.


He clocked down the fastest delivery at 156.8 kmph against their Ashes rival England in 2013.


9.  Mohammad Shami:

With Shoiab Akhtar he was the nightmare for the batsman and second fastest pacer in the history of Pakistan


He came into the spotlight right through the start of his career when he took the hat trick against Sri Lanka in his 3 test match.


Although, he didn’t carry along his career for a long time due to the series of injuries but took 85 test and 121 ODI wickets in his career.


He clocked down the fastest delivery at 156.4 kmph against Zimbabwe in 2003.


10. Shane Bond:


And the most stylish speedster after Brett Lee if there was anyone definitely Shane bond. For New Zealand, he was Richard Hadlee but for the world he was bond – Shane Bond.


007 in cricket and fast, furious and Incredible talent and will always be remembered as an unfortunate bowler due to the series of injuries from the start of his career – which affected the career.


The kiwi bowler was always a threat for the batsman during the playing days. When a batsman like Hayden wears toe protective guard over his boots – define the fear in batsman mind he was having.


In his short career, Bond has taken 87 in just 18 test and 147 ODIs wickets in 82 games.


He clocked down fastest delivery at 156.4 kmph during his campaign in 2003 world cup.

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