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Top 5 Greatest Cricketers In New Zealand Cricket History

If one word were to define New Zealand  Cricket it would be underrated. Here in this article, let us take a look at the top 5 greatest cricketers in New Zealand cricket history.

Last updated: 07.10.2020
Top 5 Greatest Cricketers In New Zealand Cricket History | Sports Social Blog

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If one word were to define New Zealand  Cricket it would be underrated. New Zealand Cricket has been under-achievers throughout their history without any doubt. From Sir Richard Hadlee to Glenn Turner; Chris Cairns to Nathan Astle; Brendon McCullum to Shane Bond. Many great players have been produced by New Zealand cricket history who have gone onto leave an impact at world cricket with their superior talents.


New Zealand played their test match against England at Christchurch in 1930 and had to wait till 1956 to register first their test win against West Indies at Auckland. While in the limited overs format New Zealand played the first ODI against Pakistan in 1973 at Christchurch. As per the Silverware is concerned New Zealand seems to be unlucky till date in the ICC Cricket World Cup with only ICC Champions trophy 2000 under their feathers as a major trophy.



But there is no brainer in that New Zealand team has been the force to reckon with throughout their cricketing journey. Having said, let us take a look at the top 5 greatest cricketers in New Zealand cricket history.


Shane Bond:


If you ever want to describe Shane Bond in one Word it would be “Unmatchable”. The Enigma called Shane Bond. One of the greatest fast bowlers the world cricket has ever witnessed. He was the next superstar after Sir Richard Hadlee for New Zealand. A complete fast bowler from the start of his career and a vital cog for New Zealand team.


But career around injuries unfortunately ended his career but he could have been the all time greatest fast bowler. Stress fractures, back problems and knee injury Shane Bond has spent more time in recovering rather than being on the field. But till the time he was on field even the best batsman had no answer to in-swingers and toe crushing Yorkers. The fear he had put in the batsman mind could easily define the abilities of Shane Bond.


Shane Bond featured in 18 tests took 87 wickets at an average of 22.09 while in 82 ODIs took 147 wickets at an average of 20.88 and was the third fastest bowler to arrive at 100 scalps in ODIs.


Sir Richard Hadlee:


Nickname “Paddles”. A batsman, bowler or an all-rounder. Sir Richard Hadlee was the complete cricketer that New Zealand have ever produced.


He was only a superstar in 90s for the New Zealand cricket team and was the trendsetter who took the New Zealand team to great heights. Fast, furious and accurate Hadlee relied on team India was the first one to get know about the extreme fast pace of Sir Richard Hadlee in 1976 where he took 7/23 – Statement in his style the very best has arrived.


Hadlee featured in 86 tests took 431 wickets at an average of 22.3 – he was the first one to cross the barrier of 400 scalps in test cricket and scored 3124 runs in test cricket. While in 115 ODIs he took 158 wickets at an average of 21.56 and an explosive lower order batsman ended his career in 1990 and part of the many victories of New Zealand cricket team where he took 173 wickets at an average of 13.06


Martin Crowe:


Wisden Cricketer of the year 1985. Probably, the best batsman from New Zealand have ever produced. His swashbuckling style to play the unorthodox shots makes him one of the best batsman of early 80s.


A career marred with injuries may affect his cricketing career but he has done his work with some of the best knocks cricket has ever witnessed. Martin Crowe 158 against invincible West Indies in 1985 was by far most dangerous innings which have lasted for 9 long hours and his 299 against Sri Lanka which was the record for more than two decades which after Brendon McCullum surpassed it. Under the captaincy of Martin Crowe New Zealand won 21 games out of 44 games in ODIs.


Martin Crowe featured in 77 tests scored 5444 runs at an average of 45.36 while in 143 ODIs scored 4704 at an average of 38.55 but his 17 tests centuries – record for more than two decades until Kane Williamson went past it clearly defined he was the special talent in many ways in New Zealand cricket history. 1992 world cup, Martin Crowe, with 456 runs he was the highest run scorer of the tournament and New Zealand reached the semi-finals where they eventually lost to Pakistan. Martin Crowe was the greatest innovative batsman ever produced by New Zealand cricket history if we say won't be any wrong.


Nathan Astle:


Another complete cricketer from New Zealand who can bat, bowl and field too exceptionally. Nathan Astle was a vital cog for New Zealand for more than a decade over the course of this career.


A swashbuckling batsman when in full flow was a complete nightmare for the bowlers on any track in the world. Not the runs he scored but the way he took on bowlers was the talent of this player. Nathan Astle was part of the part three world cup campaign of New Zealand (1996-2003).


Nathan Astle was a true entertainer in test cricket too with his aggressive counter attacking abilities. Astle 222 against England at Christchurch is still a record under his name; it was the fastest double hundred in test cricket in 153 balls.


Astle featured in 81 tests scored 4704 runs while in 223 ODIs scored 7090 runs. Not the numbers to do justice with a player like him but he was the player ahead of and one greatest player ever produced by New Zealand cricket.

Brendon McCullum:


And in the top 5, Brendon McCullum deserves the spot with the sort of impact he has left on cricket over the years of his career. If ever wants to define Brendon McCullum in a single word it would be freakish. One of the greatest cricketers of the last two decades and finest ever produced by New Zealand cricket. Brendon McCullum started his career as wicket keeper but later settled as aggressive wicket keeper gloves men.


McCullum's ability to hit sixes against the class bowlers makes him the most dangerous of the last one decade. After Astle, he was the one consistent performer and genuine match winner for kiwis over the years. McCullum is the only kiwi player to score the triple century and also holds the record of fastest century in test cricket.


Brendon McCullum featured in 101 tests scored 6453 runs while in 260 ODIs scored 6083 runs. He was the first batsman to score 2000 runs in T-20 international cricket and without a doubt Brendon McCullum was the best wicket keeper in New Zealand cricket history.

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