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An open letter to Virat Kohli from an ardent fan

The journey of Indian Team in the ICC World Cup 2019 has been quite sensational. A letter from a fan to Kohli clearly shows the respect the Team India has earned on this journey.

Last updated: 11.07.2019
A letter from a fan to Virat Kohli | Sports Social Blog

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An open letter to one of the most influential characters of the Indian cricket fraternity from an ardent cricket fan!

Hi Virat,

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on behalf of millions of Indians for a terrific world cup campaign. Although the journey has ended before it was meant to be, your team's performance has etched some unforgettable memories in our hearts. The team as a whole has played some top-notch cricket throughout the last month or so. There are a lot of positives that must be taken from this campaign. Apart from the deadly Bumrah-Shami duo and Hitman shows, the world has seen a different-Kohli. 


You played down Rabada's comment just before the World Cup opener and was seen calling for respect for Steve Smith from the Indian fans. We loved your intend in this world cup and could see your determination from the word go. And when you were caught LBW yesterday, I could feel the pain in your eyes. No matter what, I like your attitude, the way you play in the 20s, 90s or 150s. I feel the same aggression in your batting at 99 as if you are playing in the 30s- something that I missed so often in the past in Indian cricket team. Playing to the demands of the game and not for personal glory.

Virat Kohli

My grandfather took great pride in telling me stories about the great Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev. Well, I didn't have the luxury of watching them in their prime (and neither Sachin Tendulkar). But I have witnessed something that he couldn't. I have seen those glorious shot-making skills at an astonishing success rate. I have seen the records being broken with every inning that you played. Even when chasing 350+ in the most difficult situations, I have seen people optimistic with you still at the crease. You have inspired millions of teenagers like me who gained senses just by the time you led us to victory in the 2008 U-19 World Cup. You have come a long way ever since. And I feel extremely lucky to be born in the same era as you. 

The way you time the ball so sweetly. The way you execute each and every shot with so much perfection. The way you treat senior players in the team. And the way you celebrate everyone's success. I am sometimes left awestruck with the kind of maturity and dedication that you have shown on the cricket field. For us Indians, cricket is not just a sport. It's our day-to-day life. We love sports and we love our stars. And certainly, we have changed a lot since 2007. We don't engage in dirty blame-game anymore. We are looking forward to the next decade under your captaincy. 

Virat Kohli

I still vividly remember your first assignment as a captain on foreign soil in 2013. Although India lost the match, anyone watching the game could have sensed the beginning of the next era in Indian cricket. A set of fearless players who just don't care about the pitch, the conditions, and their opponents, led by a captain who knows only to attack. I have seen you win back-to-back series in New Zealand, South Africa, England, and Australia. And knows that no one can lead the side better than you. Take some strict actions if needed. You are the conqueror, you are the best. Virat Kohli means complete audacity and dominance. No mercy!

And yes, you are still the best batsmen. Bumrah is still the best bowler. Dhoni is still the best finisher. The Indian cricket team is still the best team in this world. It's okay, we still love you. Maybe even more. Thank you for the journey. And please stop that 38-year-old bloke of even thinking of retirement. We need him.

All the best!

A cricket fan

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