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Most Bizarre Dismissal where Batsman Walked off in Cricket World Cup

During India vs Pakistan in the cricket world cup 2019, Virat Kohli walked off before the decision of the umpire but the replays showed he was not out. Here are some bizarre dismissals in the World cup.

Prashant Gautam
Last updated: 18.06.2019
Players walking off in Cricket World Cup | Sports Social Blog

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The game between India and Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup saw an unusual moment after the rain delay in the 48th over when Amir dismissed Kohli with a sharp bouncer. Kohli was late on the ball and was surprised by the bumper, there was a genuine sound and Kohli decided to walk off even before the umpire could make any decision. The replays showed that the bat was miles away from the ball and there was daylight between bat and ball. Kohli and the Indian team in the dressing room were completely surprised and shocked that the ball had hot hit the bat. The Indian skipper was checking his bat and it was realised that the sound was from the grip handle of Kohli’s bat.

The wicket of Kohli cost India around 20 runs, as he was batting beautifully on 77 and did not look at any point that he would get out. There was no edge on Snicko and the ball was miles away from the bat, Kohli was understandably disappointed by his decision that was caught in the camera when he saw the dismissal inside the dressing room.

In the end, India cruized to a victory over arch-rivals Pakistan but if the match had been close and if Pakistan had upset India, questions would have been raised on Kohli’s Sportsmanship as he decided to walk off before umpire’s decision.


A Couple of More Strange dismissals that were similar to Kohli’s were :

1.Gilchrist against Sri Lanka in 2003 Cricket World Cup

During the 2003 World Cup semi-final between Australia and Srilanka, the destructive wicketkeeper-batsman Adam Gilchrist decided to walk off as he thought he had inside-edged the ball. Gilchrist was batting on 22 when he edged a delivery off the bowling off Aravinda Desilva and popped an easy catch to Sangakkara. The umpire Rudi Koertzen however, did not signal it out but to everyone’s surprise, Gilchrist decided to walk and gifted his wicket to the Lankans.

The Aussies eventually won the game and the World cup but Gilchrist’s dismissal had everyone talking as he walked off in the World Cup Semifinals.

2. Sachin Tendulkar against West Indies in 2011 Cricket World Cup

The little master had numerous wrong decisions against him during his legendary career. Sachin Tendulkar missed plenty of more runs and centuries as he had to face several wrong umpiring decisions against him. In the 2011 World Cup, India was up against the West Indies at Tendulkar’s one of the most favourite grounds Chepauk in Chennai.

India were batting first and all eyes were set on Sachin Tendulkar as the Chennai faithful had high expectations from the little master yet again. In the initial phase of the Indian innings, a delivery from Ravi Rampual stunned everybody at Chepauk. Rampaul banged the ball at short of good length delivery that bounced and the ball went on to brush the gloves of Tendulkar. The West Indies team were convinced that Tendulkar was out and started celebrating, but the umpire did not raise his finger and it looked as if Tendulkar Survived. But Tendulkar knew he had gloved the ball and started walking, which saw a lot of heartbreak inside the stadium and the people watching the match on television. Tendulkar declared himself out and went back to the pavilion. India, in the end, went on to beat the West Indies, courtesy of a sublime century of Yuvraj Singh.

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