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Best bowling figures in ODI History

In this article, check out the best bowling figures in ODI history. Chaminda Vaas against Zimbabwe took 8 wickets for just 19 runs.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 27.12.2021
Best bowling figures in ODI History

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The bowlers are the most hardworking people in cricket. And any achievement they accomplish in the cricket field is special and celebrated by everybody in the team. The bowlers help teams win matches of cricket and restrict the opposition team to a low score.

There have been many bowlers who have bowled legendary spells of bowling in ODIs and won their year's lots of matches. We cannot look at all of them but let’s take a look at the top 5 Best Bowling figures in ODI History.

1. Chaminda Vaas (8/19): 


Chaminda Vaas was one of the greatest left arm fast bowlers of ODI cricket history. He has won many matches for Sri Lanka during his playing career. He has a lot of extraordinary spells of Bowling to his name but none come as close to this spell of fast bowling in ODIs. The opponents in this match were Zimbabwe and he completely destroyed the batting order of Zimbabwe in this match. He only bowled Eight overs in the whole match and took a record breaking 8 wickets for just 19 runs. This is simply outstanding bowling and something we will see very rarely in any format in the game. He is a true legend of the game and one of the very best ever in ODI cricket.


2. Shahid Afridi (7/12): 

Shahid Afridi is one of the best all rounders to ever play the game of cricket and his longevity is incredible. He has won matches for Pakistan with both bat and ball. This incredible spell of spin bowling came against the West Indies and his figures are just insane , he bowled 9 overs for just 12 runs and picked up 7 wickets in the process. It was a magical spell of bowling which completely bamboozled the West Indies batting line-up that day.


3. Glenn McGrath (7/15): 

During 2003 , Glenn McGrath was one of the best swing bowlers in the world and his consistency was something to behold. He used to bowl great spells all the time and no team was safe from his wrath, however one day in the World Cup of 2003, Glenn McGrath bowled his best ever ODI spell where he bowled only 7 overs and in those 7 overs picked up 7 wickets for a mere 15 runs and absolutely destroyed the Namibia batting line-up.


4. Rashid Khan (7/18): 

The reigning best spinner in the world has a habit of bowling incredible spells of bowling and the batters had no answer to his skills his guile and his spin. He takes a lot of wickets against different teams and impresses everyone all the time. However, his best spell of spin bowling came against West Indies where he completely bamboozled them and in just 8.4 overs of bowling picked up 7 wickets for just 18 runs and showed why he is the best in the world. He has a lot of years left in him so all of the fans can expect more such spells of Bowling from this genius.


5. Andy Bichel (7/20): 

Andy Bichel, during the early 2000s was one of the most devastating bowlers around the world and all the teams were wary of facing him. He used to take a lot of wickets in ODI matches and one day against a strong England team he bowled the spell of his life. He bowled 10 overs and gave only 20 runs and picked up 7 wickets in the process and completely decimating the good England batting line-up that day.

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