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Carrom Ball, its techniques and how to bowl it?

The carrom ball, also known as the sodukku ball in parts of India, is a style of spin bowling conveyance utilized in cricket. Here take a look at the carrom ball, its techniques and how to bowl it.

Last updated: 29.08.2021
Carrom Ball its techniques and how to bowl it

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The carrom ball (also known as the sodukku ball in parts of India) is a style of spin bowling conveyance utilized in cricket. The ball is discharged by flicking it between the thumb and a bowed center finger in order to confer spin. In spite of the fact that the delivery was first brought into use within the early 1940s, it was re-introduced by Ajantha Mendis in 2008 as well as by Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin afterward. Varun Chakravarthy is among the more current players to utilize it.


The primary bowler known to have utilized this style of delivery was the Australian Jack Iverson from Victoria, who utilized it all through his Test cricket career within the period after the Second World War, in spite of the fact that he did not utilize the title "carrom ball". Fellow countryman John Gleeson utilized a comparable grasp a decade later, but by the conclusion of the 1970s, the strategy was nearly overlooked.


It has since re-entered cricketing awareness since it was utilized by Ajantha Mendis of Sri Lanka, with the modern title of carrom ball. Mendis revealed this during the 2008 Asia Cup.

Ravichandran Ashwin calls his variety the 'sodukku ball'. Within the Tamil dialect, sodukku implies "snapping of fingers". Typically reflected within the way the ball is conveyed, by a "snap" of the center finger and the thumb. Ashwin was so astounded by SK's control and variety that over the following a few days he learned the strategy from SK. Afterward in his childhood, he idealized the conveyance with a genuine cricket ball. He took nine wickets in his debut Test against the West Indies in November 2011 and utilized the carrom ball to expel Marlon Samuels within the second innings.


New Zealander Mitchell Santner is accepted to be the primary left-handed spin bowler to have utilized the method in worldwide cricket, expelling Pakistan opener Fakhar Zaman with a conveyance within the carrom ball fashion amid a one-day international match on January 16, 2018.

Techniques & How to bowl it:

The carrom ball requires a unique technique to produce the right kind of results. It is bowled using the fingers where the bowler holds the ball between his thumb and the index fingers to generate an extra turn. It is a difficult delivery to read for the batsmen and as a result, make it one of the most effective wicket-taking balls.

Carrom spin is considered as the third category of spin bowling after leg-spin and off-spin. (“Googly” and “Doosra” are sorts in legspin and Offspin) The center finger and thumb flick or press the ball out of the hand, like a carrom player flicking a striker within the indoor game of carrom.

The ball is to be held between the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Rather than an ordinary discharge, the ball is crushed out and flicked by the fingers like a carrom player flicking the plate on a carrom board. The carrom ball can turn to either the off or leg sides or travel straight.

Depending on the degree the ball is held towards the leg side, the carrom ball may also travel straight.


Basically, the carrom ball is the discharge of the ball by the flicking of the middle finger.

First, you need to twist both your indicating and center fingers. At that point put the ball in between the bowed fingers.

When you flick your center finger, the ball is given a few revolutions from right to left and in simplicity may be a tearing leg-spinner.

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