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England Vs Pakistan Test: The Results Thus Far

The beginning of August has marked the return of the sport with the first of three test matches against Pakistan well and truly underway. But who is favourite to win and who will come out on top. Let's fine out in this article.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 21.08.2020
England Vs Pakistan 1st Test

Cricket is back! The beginning of August has marked the return of the sport with the first of three test matches against Pakistan well and truly underway. But who is favourite to win and who will come out on top? To help you stay up to date, we will be providing you with everything that we know about the scores so far.


The Continuation Of Cricket:

Since the Coronavirus took hold of the world at the beginning of 2020, the future of a majority of sports hung in the balance. Would they be able to continue their season in 2020 and how would this affect the fan interaction? But with the return of sports such as the British Premier League came a promising sign for cricket lovers as a return to the sport in a controlled environment was looking likely. With this excitement came the announcement of a return to the sport between England and Pakistan, flash forward to August and we have arrived at the return of sport with the first test well and truly underway.


The Results Of Day Three Of The First Test:

Despite both teams looking strong before look down, Pakistan where the favourites to win on several of the top cricket betting sites and were set to give a great performance straight out of the gate. With the beginning of the test beginning on the 5th of August and ending on the 9th, this is set to be a great indication of bigger things to come on the second and third round of test matches.

With several matches already played at this time. Pakistan has the upper hand as they are heading into the second innings on the first round. With the score sitting at 326 to 219 to Pakistan at the time of writing, it is looking as though the Pakistan team may have the upper hand in terms of play. With a vast amount of the success for the Pakistan team coming from great opportunities when batting they are certainly the team to watch at this moment as we head towards the end of the first test.

For many of those out there that have been following the England team for a while now, there has been a vast amount of buzz surrounding Jofra Archer and the potential that he can bring to the team. With a bowling speed of 91 MPH at his best, this was set to be the perfect weapon for the England team. However, in the first test thus far, he has only been bowling at a speed of 84mph. Though this is still hugely quick there are many that are many England fans wondering whether he is, in fact, holding something back and not delivering to his full potential. But could this all change in the next few days? 


Predictions For Test Number Two:

Though there is still a few days remaining of text number one, there are a majority of the fans that are ready and waiting for weekend number two of cricket to see if England can redeem themselves and come back stronger than ever. There are also a number of fans questioning whether the crushing defeat at the first test against the team is a sign that England has been quick to wake up following the unexpected break over the lockdown period. But with the stark wakeup call of the outstanding performance from the Pakistani team in this initial test weekend, it is showcasing points where the England team will need to improve.


The Future Of Cricket:

Despite this test taking place, it is important to note that the future of the sport still remains uncertain as a wide majority of future matches are yet to be scheduled.  However, with the controlled environments in place for this test and those planned in the future, the future is looking bright for the sport as they continue to recover financially and provide a great experience for fans.

With the test matches well and truly underway, there is plenty of cricket for you to be excited about in the near future. But who do you think will come out on top when all is said and done?  

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