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Five Cricketers Stunned the World Cricket With Controversies

The best 5 cricketers, few of them more into the limelight with the controversy and will be remembered for the long time. Here are five cricketers who destroyed their professional cricket career with discussions.

Last updated: 23.07.2020
Five Cricketers Stunned the World Cricket With Controversies

Cricket was in the transition phase back in 2000 when one incident of Hansie Cronje Stunned the world cricket – although cricket is often called as the Gentleman game due to its immense fan base around cricketing fraternity.

Yet, imagine a scenario in which we state that these well known cricketers shook the cricketing world with a couple of heated debates over the span of their illustrious professional career on the ground.

While in the highly professional game of cricket, numerous gamers arrived and earned their notoriety for being one of the pearls. In the meantime, there had been a couple of awful young blokes who were quite standard in drawing in contentions in view of which they demolished their cricketing professions.

It is comprehended that it's miles a fantasy come real for any small town cricketer to play cricket for the national team and represent them at world level. Be that as it may, a couple of gamers couldn't process the spotlight and wound up being one of the far from being obviously true figures of the game.

 Few of the players who wound up influencing their own acknowledgment. Yet, furthermore wound up hurting the heritage of the game.


I have rattled off the best 5 cricketers, few of them more into the limelight with the controversy and will be remembered for the long time.


Here are four cricketers who destroyed their professional cricket career with discussions:


1. Mohammad Asif:


If there was the artist of Swing bowling Glenn McGrath then he was Mohammed Asif. Those “awe-inspiring 3 stunners to Virender Sehwag, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar during the 2nd innings of 3rd test in 2006 against India – defines the calibre he had.” One of the frontline bowlers for the Pakistan team when they were going through transition Phase and asif started playing for the national side back in 2006. Asif changed into perceived for swinging the ball in each the bearings. By the time, Asif changed into truely most difficult bowler for the span of his initial days. Indeed, on world cricket platform fans started believing looked like the Green Army created pearls like Imran Khan and Wasim Akram . In any case, he was unable to process the spotlight and wound up being one of the disputable characters on the field.

Back then the year was 2006, Asif was caught into consuming the supplements – which was not said by his coaches and he was taking Just to boost his game results.  What's more, Pakistan cricket board prohibited him for one year to play any form cricket for Pakistan. He resumed the cricket in 2007, Where he stunned the world cricket by claiming 19 wickets in 3 test match series Against South Africa in their own backyard. Lost the T-20 inaugural final against India in 2007– world cricket have believed by that time he was a talent to watch out in the coming years.


The very next year in 2008 when IPL had begun, and once again he was caught in consuming a higher level of supplements to enhance his performance and thereafter he was prohibited from authorities to take part in the league like IPL for the next two years.



At that point arrive the controversy which has ended his career completely the genius was caught red-handed in fixing while playing against England in 2010. There was clear evidence when he has bowled no balls for no reason and there comes the doubt what’s this going on? And, Government straight forward put behind the bars and put the ban on him for the 5 long years to take part in any cricket event – thereafter he has not seen in men in the green army again.


2.  Andrew Symonds:


One of the most interesting characters of the best Australian side ever in their history. Be that as it may, his cricketing journey was stopped just because of his drinking propensity. He changed himself into appeared as a touchy and haughty cricketer. The year was 2005 when he hit the headlines, while he was caught in consuming alcohol just before the match against Bangladesh. Cricket board of Australia fined for crossing the limits before the match. There were another unprofessional behaviour from symonds career When he skipped the tour meeting and went out for fishing activity and what’s next he was out of the national squad for an inconclusive range of period.


The controversy which has ended the career of Symonds came in 2009 when he was having conversation on radio in completely inebriated mind of state. While between the conversation, he has used bad words against New Zealand Wicket keeper by saying him 'piece of sh*t'. A while later, Cricket board of Australia presented a statement in Symonds agreement with cricket Australia from he will not allow to consume savor liquor in open spots.


In the wake of consenting to the agreement with board of australia, Symonds was seen taking the liquor at some phase in a Rugby match-up – which had ended his cricketing journey with Australia. Well, there isn't any uncertainty over the way that Andrew Symonds is figured as one hell of a horrendous kid in a cricketing World long last history.


3.  Kevin Pietersen:


Superstar is more better to describe this amazing talent England team had over the cricketer. Kevin pietersen amassed huge amount of runs and his numbers talks enough about his gauge. In any case, he needed to pay some immense charge for not being good with England Cricket Board, colleagues and mentor.


The Aggressive flamboyant middle order Batsman of England was handed over the captaincy of England returned in 2008 Just after Vaughan say goodbye to world cricket. Kevin pietersen were radiated to an incredible start with a success contrary to South Africa inside the clash of finals at the famous venue Oval went with through 4-0 triumph contrary to the indistinguishable rivals in ODI series too. But just the next series they followed the setback from India in both Test and ODI series.


Captain in style, Kevin Pietersen straightforwardly pronounced that he isn't generally cushty to play underneath Peter Moores. What’s next! England board of cricket fired every one of them – roles they have been assigned to. The very next controversy when Kevin pietersen hit the headlines in 2012, stunned the cricket world by drop the curtains from the ODI format by saying ECB is not allowing him to perform in IPL anymore.

Moreover, the same year 2012 eventually of Test series while playing against South Africa, kevin pietrsen despatched some unprofessional conversations to team mates of proteas team.


Indeed, Kevin openly said the names of player and coach Andrew Strauss and Andy Flower. What’s next? With this behaviour, the issues among Andy Flower and Kevin Pietersen initiated self-destructing. Subsequent to perform splendidly in ashes 2014, pietersen was not selected for upcoming series. Rumours have came out, some of the hard statements from andy flower to ECB – for the betterment of England team they will have to choose him and flamboyant cricketer only one.


4.  Shoaib Akhtar:


Along Brett Lee he was nightmare for the batsman in his era. The bowlers like him justified the tag of “rare breed of bowlers” in the pure cricketing world – when cricket was best and more entertaining. Shoiab was few of those pacers who had the ability to bowl over 150km/h from the both sides of wicker – he was completely rare in the cricket. If we say men in green produced the pearl after Imran khan in the form of Shoiab Akhtar it won’t be wrong in any way. In any case, one factor that went towards his famous cricket enigma changed into his vitality to draw in debates.


The year was 2003, Shoiab transformed into outperformed with a boycott of 5 games after he got found capable of ball-altering at some phase in a round of Triangular tournament went with the guide of his 3 games boycott for manhandling Paul Adams. He was a bad boy of cricket who never stopped along with couple of more controversies that were advancing.


The year of 2006, When for the first time he was questioned on serious controversy for taking supplements to enhance his performed which was ended in two year ban on him to cricket. Be that as it may, later on, he advanced inside the courtroom trial and got a cure to pay any fine. While in the inaugural season of T-20 cricket world cup he stunned the cricketing world with the news of beating his own member of the team with the bat – what’s next prohibited one more time.


5.  Hansie Cronje:


Before the controversy, we have only heard about word controversies into books like – ashes body line controversy of 1932-33. Back then Cricket was pretty much good and entertaining, but Hansie Cronje had the plan to stunned the cricketing world by one unprofessional behaviour on the field.


At that point experts and pundits of cricket considers Hansie Cronje go wrong, intital idea that surfaces in quite a while – player like Hansie involve in controvesy?  

Having around, 188 ODIs and 68 tests for south Africa, Hansie was great all rounder and genius captain his side.

While in between in 1992 to 2000 he was the perfect player to look up to.  It appeared as though he had not many defects in his personality. The year was 2000, when world cricket stunned and it unfolded that he had an undesirable love for cash. Fans, Experts and pundits were shocked as hansie was found guilty in match-fixing in the month of April in 2000 – it was the end of serious cricket here. Hansie was banned to play any form of cricket after this incident.


Hansie Cronje Started his career in 1992 for South Africa in the very first world cup when South Africa got back to play cricket.

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