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Five promising strategies for newbies in cricket betting

Are you new to the world of cricket betting? Then you are in the right place. Find some of the strategies that can be helpful in cricket betting which you can in turn implement on some of the best cricket betting sites.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 14.10.2022
Five promising strategies for newbies in cricket betting

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Are you new to the world of cricket betting? Then you are in the right place. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world of sports. In this game, a lot of money is made through betting. However, just like any other form of gambling, there is a risk involved. Continue reading to the end to find some of the strategies that can be helpful in cricket betting which you can in turn implement on some of the best cricket betting sites presented by CBA. Also, we will further share a few tips you can use to mitigate your losses while participating in this game.

Five strategies a newbie in cricket betting should know

For a new punter, you should use the best strategies when playing your cricket bets.


#1. Flat betting

Flat betting is a well-known strategy that has been there for a while. The method entails betting the same amount of money on each game. When punters use this strategy, they don't consider the odds when deciding on a particular stake. Nonetheless, Flat betting doesn't need a lot of analysis and is easy to stick to. However, it has its downside. When you fail to consider the changes in the odds, you could lose money in the long term.

#2. Dagon strategy

The Dagon strategy is also simple to use. It calls for placing two stakes on opposite outcomes in a particular match. For instance, if you are betting on a cricket match between India and Australia. You can decide to wager on India winning and Australia losing. This strategy is effective in cricket as it gives you a chance to win one of your bets and minimizes your loss when your favorite team loses.

#3. Oscars Grind Strategy

These progressive systems aim at grinding out profits. The Oscars Grind strategy is simple and user-friendly. You can only increase your bet when you win with one unit. But your stake should remain constant for the upcoming game if you are unsuccessful. The main objective of this strategy is to keep your bets small as you grind out profits.

#4. “Percentage of Bank” Strategy

This strategy is prevalent and has guided many cricket punters to profits for a while. This procedure calls for you to divide your bankroll into sequences of little stakes of five and ten per cent of your total bankroll. Then you bet on every match regardless of its odds. The idea behind this strategy of making a small stake gives you a win eventually. When using this technique, the most vital thing is to help a punter stick to one plan and restrain from greedy tendencies.

#5. The Kelly Criterion strategy

Although this cricket betting strategy is slightly complicated for newbie punters, it is very effective for those who understand its details. The procedure entails calculating your optimal stake size to take full advantage of profits. Also, it takes account of the losses, bankroll, and winnings to give an accurate figure you can work with. Although it does not always work as planned, you should realize steady profits by adhering to this strategy over time.

Four tips to mitigate your losses in cricket betting

Here are four tips that will control your losses as a newbie.

#1. Evaluate the form of a particular team

Any new punter in cricket must take crucial measures while analysing the form of a particular team or individual. For instance, if a lesser team is in better shape than its more vigorous opposition, the former will likely prevail on the game's day. This action is authentic in most sports and is not exceptional in cricket.

Besides, the form of crucial individual players is another factor that cannot be undermined. Although like any other game, cricket is perceived as a team sport, the game relies heavily on individual prowess and contribution. That is why it is hard to see sides winning purely on collective team effort.

#2. Check the different odds

New punters need to know each sports betting site offers different odds they can use as their reference. However, these odds will help them determine which cricket team is the underdog and the popular option for the fans. The odds are crucial tools new punters can use to know how much they will win for every bet they make.

Nonetheless, frequent check of this odd from different bookmakers gives a punter an idea about the price each site is paying. This information offers punters a chance to choose a site that will provide them with excellent odds and avoid those with average odds.

#3. Use previous team statistics

Good cricket punters place their bets on players and teams using their current match performance. Unlike most newbies in cricket betting who rely on a team’s popularity to make such a decision. However, to use this strategy demands you to know all the recent team performance by watching their previous matches or reading about their preparation. Punters are advised to go further and use data rather than their gut feeling when participating in this type of activity to succeed.

#4. Check the game format

As a new punter in cricket betting, it is good to know there are three major formats used in cricket. The formats are T20s, Tests, and ODIs. However, these formats do not change the principles behind the game. Different teams and players deploy a particular format when playing their opponents. Some of these formats prove to be more effective than others. Also, some individual players find themselves performing better while they are using a specific design.

Wrap up

The game of cricket is addictive to its fans and profitable to the punter if they adhere to our five strategies and four tips! However, always remember to do your research on the game before placing any bet.

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