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Hardik Pandya Net Worth, Salary and Endorsements

Check out here Hardik Pandya Net Worth, Salary and Endorsements. Hardik Pandya is one of the brightest young players from India and his brand value has shot up a lot after the recent IPL success.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 11.06.2022
Hardik Pandya Net Worth

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After taking a break from the Net Worth articles we are back and this time we are talking about one of the biggest young stars of Indian cricket and his name is Hardik Pandya. Before talking about his net worth it is important to focus on the man and his career till now and how he has grown as a human being in the last 4 years. For starters the Net Worth of Hardik Pandya is 67 Crore Rupees in Indian currency which includes prize from the BCCI, his IPL contract and brand Endorsements.

Hardik Pandya is one of the brightest young players from India and his brand value has shot up a lot after the recent IPL success he had with Gujarat Titans as their captain where he led the team to win the trophy. Hardik Pandya has seen a roller coaster of a life unlike any other, coming from humble beginnings, then being picked by Mumbai Indians and then getting in a big controversy in 2018 and his back which had troubled him for 3 years. Let’s look at the Net Worth Salary and Endorsements of Hardik Pandya.

Net Worth


The Net Worth of Hardik Pandya is 77 Crore Rupees in Indian currency which is just a shade over $10 million and he gets majority of this money from his IPL contract, BCCI central contract and his Endorsements. He has had a steep rise since IPL 2022 and he has started getting more Endorsements. He got 15 crores this year from his IPL team so that increased his net worth and he gets approximately 5 crores from the BCCI per the Central contact. In the coming years with his prime ahead of him his net worth will touch 100 crores in no time.

Salary, House and Cars

We will club these 3 together and talk about it together. His salary comes from many quarters, firstly he gets 5 crores from the BCCI as a part of the Indian team then his IPL salary every year and this year he got the highest in his career at 15 crores then his salary from each brand Endorsements is 1 crore rupees. Not only that he owns a luxury house in his home state of Gujarat and the current value of that house is 2 crores. He also has a great collection of cars which include-


Rolls Royce

Mercedes Benz


Range Rover.

These cars cost a collective of over 15.5 crores so he loves his cars it can be said.


Hardik Pandya has a slew of Endorsements in his Kitty and he charges 1 crore per Endorsement and now that he is married and is a family man that has added to his brand and more brands want to be associated with him. Some of his Endorsements include Monster Energy, Hala Play, Gulf Oil, Star Sports, Gillette, Boat, Oppo.



Hardik Pandya 

Net Worth 

77 Crore Rupees 


20+ Crore

Monthly income 

1.2 Crore Rupees 

Date of Birth 

11th October, 1993




6 ft

Endorsement Fee

1 Crore Rupees 






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