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Top 5 highest 10th Wicket partnerships in ODIs

There have been a few 10th Wicket partnerships that have found themselves in the record books. We take a look here the top 5 10th wicket partnerships in ODIs.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 27.12.2021
highest 10th Wicket partnerships in ODIs

Sometimes a team is in trouble and they have not been able to post a big score in the innings but the 10th wicket partnership rescues the team and puts it in an advantageous position in the match. Most of the times there is a set batter and a number 11 batting together for the last wicket and they help each other as well.

There have been a few 10th Wicket partnerships that have found themselves in the record books and some that have helped the team from a precarious situation. So , let’s see the Top 5 10th Wicket partnerships in ODIs.

1. Viv Richards and Michael Holding (106 Runs): 

This was an out and out Viv Richards show in this partnership. Michael Holding was the best spectator and he just had to hang in there with the great Viv Richards that day. Viv Richards was playing one of the greatest ODI innings in history and Holding gave him the best possible support and from the other end Viv Richards was smacking the ball to all parts and they had a record partnership of 106 runs for the last wicket and the record still stands after almost 37 years since it happened which shows how extraordinary of an innings Viv Richards played that day.

2. Mohammad Amir and Saeed Ajmal (103 Runs): 

Mohammad Amir and Saeed Ajmal did something this day that has not been done in a long time, the last two batters of the Pakistan team stitched an unbelievable last wicket partnership of 103 runs and Mohammad Amir was the dominant partner with 73 runs and he hit 3 sixes and Saeed Ajmal also ably supported him with a valiant 33 runs but it wasn’t enough to win Pakistan that match but it was a landmark partnership for world cricket as well.

3. Ravi Rampaul and Kemar Roach (99 Runs): 

This partnership was all about Ravi Rampaul who showed that can be a very explosive batter when be wants to as that day he battered the great Indian bowling attack and hit huge Six Sixes to help West Indies reach a competitive score and Kemar Roach also supported him very well but that partnership was not enough as India won that match comfortably in the end but it was a remarkable innings from Ravi Rampaul that day and still fans remember it.


4. Luke Ronchi and Mitchell McClenaghan (76 Runs): 

The New Zealand batting was struggling in this match big time and they were at a risk to get our for a really low score in their 2nd innings ur it was the last wicket partnership between these Two New Zealand batters that saved the fave of New Zealand , Luke Ronchi made an impressive 79 runs and Mitchell McClenaghan scored a valiant 34 runs but still it wasn’t enough for New Zealand as they lost the match.


5. Yasir Shah and Mohammad Amir (76 Runs): 

Even though Pakistan lost this match easily, it was the partnership between these two batters for the last wicket that saved face for the Pakistan team as they added 76 runs for the last wicket and Mohammad Amir scored a good fifty and ably supported by Yasir but it wasn’t enough as the strong England team won that match but both the batters earned the respect of Pakistan.

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