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Highest runs scored by Australian player vs India in ODIs

India vs. Australia cricket is always special for the fans. That is because of the exceptional players in the team and the rival history. Here is the list of the Australian players with most runs in ODIs against India.

Last updated: 14.05.2020
Highest runs scored by Australian player vs India in ODIs | Sports Social Blog

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Australia has a good game history against India in ODI’s. 

Here is the list of the players with most runs scored against India in ODI’s.

1. Ricky Ponting:


Ricky Ponting is one of the best players to play this game in history. Against India Ponting has scored a career total of 2164 runs from 59 matches with an individual high score of 140 runs.

2. A. Gilchrist:


One of the best wicketkeeper-batsman in cricket history, Gilchrist has a good batting record against India in ODI. Gilchrist has a total of 1622 runs scored again in India from 46 matches with a personal best of 111 runs.

3. Mathew Hayden


Mathew Hayden is the most destructive opener in ODI history. In his cricketing career, he has scored 1450 runs against India from 28 matches and his personal best is 126 runs.

4. DC Boon:


DC Boon is a cricketing legend that Australia has given birth too. With his exceptional gameplay, he scored a total of 1212 runs from 29 matches and has a high score of 111 runs against India.

5.  A Finch:

Aron Finch has so far scored a total of 1211 runs against India from 29 ODI matches with a personal best of 124 runs.

6. SR Waugh:

Steve is considered as one of the Australian batting legends. He has scored 1117 runs against India from 53 matches with a personal best of 81 runs.

7. Allan Border:


The Australian cricketing legend Allan Border has got a very good batting history against the Indian team throughout his career. In ODI, he has scored 1104 runs from 38 matches with a high score of 105 runs.

8.  MG Bevan:


MG Bevan has a total of 1081 runs scored against India from 35 matches with the best score of 101 runs.

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