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Read how Indian Cricketers are ruling the Nation

Indian Cricket,it’s not just a word it’s a feeling for all there 1.324 billion people in India. Indian Cricketers are ruling the nation

Last updated: 05.01.2018
Indian Team at the trophy ceremony after winning | Sports Social Blog

Hello Everyone!

Abhishek Raj here. Another article in which I’ll be discussing or telling you all about our Proud Indian Cricket Team. Indian Cricket, it’s not just a word it’s a feeling for all there 1.324 billion people in India. Indian Cricket is on its progress on a note of every single day, or if its 1983 ‘ India’s First Cricket World Cup Win’ or its 2017 ‘ Indian on the first & second rank of every format’.  So, you may have understood what we’ll be having a look at today. If no, let me tell you, we’ll be talking about “How Indian Cricketers are ruling the nation’. So let’s begin with it.

Introduction to Indian Cricketers

Cricket in India is like Religion and PLAYERS who play this sport or the FANS who follow this sport are all worshipers. In India, according to a survey of Indian Government 5,45,93,224 people play cricket, no matter whether these are male or female. From these people or can say worshipers 11 players get chance to play for India in International Cricket. Now, we all can think how talented these ‘ELEVEN PLAYERS’ are.

Introducing you best Five Indian Cricketers who helped India to rule the nation (currently-playing players):

Virat Kohli

One of the Best Batsman that Indian Team has.

Virat Kohli biography is very interesting and knowledgeable.

MS Dhoni

One of the best and successful captain of the World.

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

Best Swing & Seam bowler of Indian Team

Rohit Sharma

The only man on the planet to make 3 DOUBLE-HUNDRED in ODI Cricket.

Hardik Pandya

Only Indian All-Rounder after biggie Kapil Dev who scored 500+ runs and took 30+ wickets in the span of 1 Year.

According to me, these FIVE are the best players as for now India is having to rule over the nation.

Ruling the Nation:

You may be thinking, how do they rule the nation? As mentioned millions of people or worshipers play cricket in India. So, we can’t say the whole of India but a majority part of India is filled with many of the worshipers. Indian Cricketers that I listed above and including other players who all played for India are being famous as Indian politicians are popular in India. Indian Cricketers not only being famous in India but followed by many of the cricket fans in other Countries.

Social Media is the best platform to earn, become famous and for all other kinds of stuff u need in your life, but Social Media is now times all about Indian Cricketers only.

Let’s take some example: –

Virat Kohli is the most followed or joint most followed cricketer in India, he recently got married to Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, in Milan, Italy. The most of the feed on the Internet, Social Media, and other feeds platform are about his marriage and his two receptions took place in New Delhi and Mumbai respectively. So we can say Virat Kohli is ruling the social media and he is ruling the whole planet with his batting, not just India.

Recently, Rohit Sharma scored his 3rd ODI double-hundred only man to reach this landmark for the 3 times. For 2-3 days news channels were organizing the special show about Rohit Sharma. Social Media like Twitter was full of tweets about Rohit Sharma and his double-hundred and his good-luck charm his wife Ritika.

This Show that India can’t live without their cricket heroes, as most of the nation (India) is bothered about cricket. These Indian Cricketers make India proud and famous in sports, so these Indian Cricketers are ruling over the nation as GOD in a good way, not ruling like a cruel king. Ruling in sense they are favourites of Indian people and without them, the Indian people will shatter down.

That’s it on my side. This Article will surely prove you with the truth that Indian Cricketers are ruling our nation India. Without these cricket heroes, Indian people may not live and exist without the religion cricket, as there will be no religion then the worshippers will praise to whom? Here I end. Thank You. Cheers.

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