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IPL Auctions with Twist

What if IPL was organised in test match format. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see who grab the highest prices & who all prove their worth.

Last updated: 15.03.2018
IPL Auctions if test format is also introduced | Sports Social Blog

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As soon as you would have read this title, a thought would have instantly burst up in the mind that what is it all about. So, we all have been watching and following IPL since it started. And it is a like a regular part of our lives during summers. But did we ever think that what if there was a slight twist in the way IPL is being organised. Now you would have come up with many thoughts, and I am writing this with one such twist.

IPL is organised in the shortest form of cricket i.e; T20 where cricketers from all around the world specialised in power hitting grab great prices. But what if IPL was organised in test match format. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see who grab the highest prices and who all prove their worth.

I am here with a list of top 5 players who according to me will grab the highest prices if auctions will be organised.



The Australian captain is currently the best test batsman in the world and it is not the legends who say this but the stats which speak themselves. Smith has shown gradual transformation and has undoubtedly become the best test batsman over the past years. He would definitely be a dream player for every team in the auctions. Apart from this, he has also claimed much success with his captaincy skills. To add to the flavour is the fact that he can also do much spin bowling on the spinning tracks of India.


Be it ODI, T20 or Tests, this player is the only one who will grab the highest bids every time. The Indian captain is currently the best player in the world across all formats. Well many of you may argue that he will be the highest grosser and yes that is true just because of the atmosphere he creates around himself with his attitude. You can get him to play anywhere around the world and he will stun you every time with his batting as well as captaincy skills.


When it comes to playing on Indian pitches, there can be no greater asset than Ashwin. The way he has evolved his game over the years and especially his batting skills, there is no batting attack that he can’t destroy. One great thing about him is the way he has started batting that captains even promote him up the order. He is undoubtedly the best all-rounder in the world especially when playing on Indian pitches. Apart from this, he has got great experience and we might think of Ravindra Jadeja as his replacement but the amount of effort, Ashwin has given in his batting makes all the difference.


The South African is also among the top test batsmen in the world. However, his record in the original version of IPL is very poor but when it comes to test matches, he can also be the highest grabber. The most positive point about Hashim Amla is that he can adapt to any kind of track unlike many great batsmen and the way he has been consistent throughout his career. Another great thing about him is that for the major part of his career, he has only played test matches which gives him vast specialisation in the field.


The Australian pace machine is probably the deadliest fast bowler in the world currently. The way in which he bowls out his deliveries can fear the nerves out of any batsmen. Be it the pacy-bouncy tracks or slow spinning tracks, he will always be disastrous. He has got consistency in his bowling but the only part of worry is his injuries, but then that's the part of every fast bowler’s career. Another great thing about him is that he can also bat down the order which increases his demand even more.   

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