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IPL vs BBL - Which T20l League Has a Better Future?

If there is any debate over the popularity of any leagues in the world then it is definitely among IPL and BBL. Which T20 league is better from other is the most obvious question?

Last updated: 08.02.2021
IPL vs BBL T20I League Comparison | Sports Social Blog

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With the end of another blockbuster edition of Big-Bash-League (BBL) where Sydney Sixers have lifted the trophy for the third time to equal the tally of trophies of Perth scorchers three times. Cricket has been turned into a different game with T20l cricket has been the new form of cricket in the last one decade. Although it has been played earlier too but it was not much into the spotlight before the inaugural season of T20l World Cup 2007. T20l cricket is the biggest innovation of the 21st century which has been rocket launch the art of playing cricket.

The first-ever T20l league was started in 2008 with Indian Premier League (IPL) which has been a massive success has many talents have been emerged out of this league to make a name for themselves in international cricket. 3-hour entertainment was the complete new concept for the audience but within a year it has brought new change into the cricket.

The format was new as many test playing nations have followed this concept to start their T20l leagues. Cricket Australia came with their T20l league known as Big Bash League (BBL) in 2011 which has been completely different from the IPL. Over the years many test playing nations like South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Bangladesh have started their T20l leagues.


But if there is any debate over the popularity of any leagues in the world then it is definitely among IPL and BBL. Which league has been better from other the most obvious questions? But there is a huge difference in these two leagues of two best cricketing teams.

In the league like IPL, the world-class players participate and play against each other in the eight different franchises to reach the playoffs and then to fight for finals. While in the BBL the eight different teams have to play in the double round-robin format to play the knockout game before the finals and in the league like BBL the world-class players have been restricted to take part for various reasons.

The prize money is also different between the two leagues. The number of overseas players allowed in IPL is 4 while in BBL it is just 2. There has been an auction for the selection of players in IPL while there is a contract mode for the selected players in BBL.

Why Big Bash League Better? What Changes We Except From Big Bash In The Near Future?

The tournament like IPL is more about revenue-generating models rather than being concerned about the audience point of view in terms of innovations and watching experience. As a result of it in recent times the viewership of IPL has been down after some crazy innovations in BBL league in the form of Zinger Bails, Jumbotrons, Rocket Man, Helmet cams, black blades and autograph sessions.

If we would say trendsetter to Big Bash League in terms of innovations in cricket it would not be wrong. That day is not far away when there will be “Digital Boundary ropes' ' with sensors and timers to help the umpires to give the accurate decision rather than being asked to review for the third umpire. Kind of excitement it will bring to the audience and many would agree Big Bash League will be the first one to bring this innovation in cricket.

Just imagine how cool it would be when an idea of floating seats just beside the floodlights to give a dream bird view for people and Big Bash League will be the first one to start this in the near future. Apart from the earlier innovations which many believe are more innovative would be the on-field umpires replaced by robots (it will take time but it will be possible).

It sounded a little difficult as it takes time to bring an idea of having a system into the stumps to get right decisions. Like in the current situation we have to wait for the third umpire decision to check the various parameters if the batsman is out or not.

With this system into the stumps which will give accurate decisions of no-ball, speed of bowling and the LBW (in future the system would detect more accurate decisions in less time). Drop your comments in the comment box to tell us which league is better and what are the other innovations we will see in the near future.

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