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Is it the Unluckiest dismissal in 2022?

Here we have brought out one of the strangest dismissals in cricket. We believe that it can easily take place on the list of unluckiest dismissals in 2022.

Sandipan Ghosh
Last updated: 07.05.2022
Is it the Unluckiest dismissal in 2022?

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According to you, what is the unluckiest dismissal ever in cricket history? Well, it can vary in different people according to their experiences. But here we have brought out one of the strangest dismissals in cricket. We believe that it can easily take place on the list of unluckiest dismissals in 2022.

It was the 2022 Zimbabwe NPL (National Premier League) match between Takashinga 2 vs Lions. That match was played on 1st May 2022 at Old Hararians Sports Club (Harare).

The story of the unluckiest dismissal in 2022


Lions were batting first after losing the toss. They struggled in the beginning as they lost the first three wickets inside the first 10 overs. The third wicket of that innings was completely shocking.

The no.3 batter Kumbirayi Phiri was then facing the right-arm pacer Kenneth Waiswa during the eighth over of that innings. On the fourth ball of that over, while Waiswa delivered a ball to just outside off stump, Phiri smashed that ball hard to the straight. It was a very comfortable scene for the batter before he made a blunder to destroy his hard work of that ball.

After finishing that shot, when he was casually going to meet his non-striker partner Spencer Magodo, Phiri’s bat hit the wickets as he wasn’t careful enough. He quickly realized his mistake, while the opposition also didn’t take much time to notice that and appeal that. As both the bails were dislodged from that wicket, the umpires gave him out according to the MCC law 35.1 (Hit Wicket).

The Hit Wicket law

The MCC law 35.1 generally describes the out in hit wicket. This long law 35.1 claims,

“35.1.1 The striker is out Hit wicket if, after the bowler has entered the delivery stride and while the ball is in play, his/her wicket is put down by either the striker’s bat or person as described in Laws to (Wicket put down) in any of the following circumstances: in the course of any action taken by him/her in preparing to receive or in receiving a delivery, in setting off for the first run immediately after playing or playing at the ball, if no attempt is made to play the ball, in setting off for the first run, providing that in the opinion of the umpire this is immediately after the striker has had the opportunity of playing the ball, in lawfully making a second or further stroke for the purpose of guarding his/her wicket within the provisions of Law 34.3 (Ball lawfully struck more than once).

35.1.2 If the striker puts his/her wicket down in any of the ways described in Laws to before the bowler has entered the delivery stride, either umpire shall call and signal Dead ball.”

While Phiri was comfortably managing a boundary on that delivery, his mistake not only cancelled those crucial runs but also put them into deep trouble with another wicket fall. He lost his wicket after scoring six runs in eight balls.  

Lions won the game

Though they lost some regular wickets after that unfortunate incident, Lions finally managed to score a challenging first innings total of 258/9 (45 overs), thanks to centurion Spencer Magodo (104) and the lower-order batter Tashinga Musekiwa’s speedy half-century (53*).

Meanwhile, Kenneth Waiswa had the bowling figures of 8-1-36-2.

Lions won that match by 55 runs in the shortened game as the target was later set to 236 runs in 38 overs. However, Takashinga 2 were bundled out for just 180 runs in 32.2 overs.

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