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Is Rohit Sharma better captain than Virat Kohli?

The debate between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma has been going on for a while now – who is the better captain? Here in this article, we try to find out the answer.

Last updated: 12.02.2023
Is Rohit Sharma better captain than Virat Kohli?

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The debate between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma has been going on for a while now – who is the best Test captain? Both of these players have achieved great success in the Indian Cricket Team, but who is the better leader? This blog post will discuss the merits and achievements of each player, and ultimately answer the question of who is the better Test captain – Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma? We will compare their respective leadership qualities and performance, and ultimately make a decision as to who is the better captain.


Rohit Sharma - Records as Captain


Rohit Sharma is one of the most successful cricketers of the modern era. He has achieved success at all levels of the game, and his record as India's Test captain has been nothing short of phenomenal.


Under his leadership, India has won four consecutive Test series, including a tour of the West Indies and Australia, and most recently, a dominant home series against South Africa. He also led India to a 3-0 series win against Bangladesh, and a 2-1 victory against New Zealand.


In addition to his success as captain, Rohit has also been a prolific batsman in Tests. He is the only Indian to score three double hundreds in the format, and his top score of 212 is the highest score ever by an Indian captain. He has also scored four centuries and six half centuries in Tests, and is currently the fourth highest run-scorer in the format with 4,021 runs.


Overall, Rohit Sharma's record as Test captain has been exemplary, and he has proved himself to be one of the best captains in the game. He has demonstrated calmness and resilience under pressure, and has been able to inspire his team to perform to the highest level.

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Virat Kohli - Records as Captain

Virat Kohli, the current captain of the Indian national cricket team, has earned a reputation as one of the most successful and influential captains in cricketing history. He has led India to a number of victories and has consistently broken records along the way.


In test cricket, Kohli has been an exemplary captain, with a record of 33 wins, 10 draws, and 11 losses as of April 2021. He has also led India to a number of series victories, including a 2-1 victory over Australia in 2014, a 3-0 win over South Africa in 2015, and a 2-1 win over Sri Lanka in 2017. Kohli also holds the record for the most test wins as a captain in a single year, with 11 in the 2018-19 season. A look at Virat Kohli Captaincy Record in T20Is


Kohli has also led India to a number of historic firsts in test cricket. In 2017, India became the first team to win a test series in Sri Lanka in 17 years, while in 2018, they became the first Asian team to win a test series in Australia. In 2019, Kohli also became the first Indian captain to win a test series in the West Indies in a decade. Check out Virat Kohli’s Records as Test Captain of India

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Comparison between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli Captaincy

In the debate of whether Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli is the better Test captain, there is no clear winner. While both are great captains, they have different styles and each have their own strengths and weaknesses.


Under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, India has an impressive record in Test cricket and have won the last four series. Sharma is known for his attacking approach and his strategy of putting pressure on the opposition. He is an aggressive captain and is not afraid to take risks. He has been successful in setting attacking fields and pushing for wickets when necessary.


Virat Kohli, on the other hand, is a more conservative captain, who prefers to build pressure on the opposition by playing a more defensive game. He likes to set up a secure platform and then build the momentum from there. He is a very patient captain, who is willing to wait for the right moment to strike. Kohli also has the ability to make quick adjustments to the field and bowling attack when needed.


Ultimately, both captains have different styles and both have been successful in their own right. It is hard to say who is better since each captain has different strengths and weaknesses.

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