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Mohammed Shami-Hasin Jahan controversy: understanding the crux of the matter

Mohammed Shami-Hasin Jahan controversy, Recently fueled with a fresh dose of drama by a bold picture of the pair, the controversy has certainly seen it all from extra-marital affairs to domestic violence and match-fixing!

Last updated: 07.06.2020
Mohammed Shami-Hasin Jahan controversy | Sports Social Blog

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We at CYS have always believed that in sensitive cases like these, it's very important to understand both sides of the story. And have come up with a blog while being as unbiased as possible. And have put forward various arguments from both sides.


Back in the initial days of 2018, when a certain Mohammed Shami had the world at his feet. A renowned cricketer and a proud family man. The next few months would turn his world upside down as his wife made a string of allegations including extra-marital affairs, domestic violence, and even match-fixing. He was stripped of his BCCI grade 'B' contract for a few days. A non-bailable warrant was also issued against him. He later confessed that the situation had taken a toll on him and had suicidal thoughts on three separate options.



And in all this while, Shami's wife Hasin Jahan (the pair is divorced now) had provided evidence before the media as well as the court. She had her own set of troubles to face amid all this chaos. She was the victim of the wrath every time that Shami performed well on the pitch. In a country where innocence can be proved by a great performance on the pitch and evidence may take several years to be verified, she was the perfect scapegoat for a fanbase who cannot stand anything against their cricketing idols.

 In pic: Shami, Jahan and their daughter before the controversy


Let's see how the entire saga unfolded


String of allegations made by Hasin Jahan:


In March 2018, Jahan lodged a police complaint against Shami, accusing him of a series of allegations including adultery, domestic violence and match-fixing. And claimed that the cricketer received money from a Pakistani woman. Following a written complaint by Jahan, an FIR was lodged against Shami and his family members at Kolkata's Jadavpur Police Station under Indian Penal Code sections 498A (cruelty to women by their husbands as well as relatives), 307 (attempt to murder), 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt, 376 (rape), and 506 (criminal intimidation).


In a bid to expose the pacer's extra-marital affairs, Jahan posted several screenshots and WhatsApp messages on her Facebook wall. She claimed that the bowler is having multiple extra-marital affairs simultaneously. Notably, the post which was uploaded from an unverified account was titled as Shami's enjoyment and had several pictures of the pacer's text messages to multiple women. Calling him a flirt, Jahan claimed that Shami wanted to marry a Bollywood actress like Virat Kohli did. In a press conference, Jahan claimed that Shami once pushed her into a room with his brother and wanted her to have physical relations with him. She had also alleged that Shami had taken money from a Pakistani woman named Alishba on the insistence of Mohammed Bhai for match-fixing.


But what was really surprising was the way Shami handled the allegations. While always talking about his family and career, there was not even a slight retaliation from his side on being repeatedly grilled by his wife in public and wanted to make an effort to resolve the issue in whichever way possible. It is simply unnatural to not react when you're repeatedly being called a 'culprit' and all you say is, "I'm ready to patch up in private." Where's the roar of righteousness?



The Shami side of the story:


Now, let's take a look at these events from the other lens. While Shami said that he was taken aback by his wife's allegations, he also said that he will continue to protect her and their daughter Aairah. Initially, he said that patching up will be good for both of them and their daughter. Rejecting all the allegations of match-fixing, Shami said that the allegations were baseless and reiterated that it was all a conspiracy to defame him and ruin his career. "I can die for the country but never betray." Shami went on to say that his only crime is being Jahan's husband.


Shami was more mature through all these turn of events and maintained calm at crucial moments in front of the media. Much to the dismay of the media for whom this saga was just another story to cover, Shami looked to solve the matter inside his home and refrained from filing a defamation case against his wife. Everything that a perfectly balanced human being should do. Nothing has been found against him and the evidence provided by Jahan is not definitive. And as far his wife is concerned, she is making a mockery of the whole case. She has been constantly posting photos of their old pictures. More to gain popularity and sympathy than anything else. And she did raise a few eyebrows with her recent Post on Instagram. Let's have a look.



What's the recent buzz about?


Sharing an intimate picture with her ex-husband, Jahan wrote, "Kal tu kuch nahi tha to mai pak bhi aj tu kuch ban gaya to mai napak ho gayi. Jhut burkha dal kar beparda sach ko mita nahi sakta. magarmach ke aansu kuch dino ka hi sahara hota hai." (When you were nothing. I was pure and pious. Now you are something and am impure. Drapes of lies cannot hide the truth. Crocodile tears won't last long.) Here's the picture for your reference:

 Pic credits: Instagram


By looking at Shami's physique, one can easily figure out that it is pretty old. This leads us to the final and crucial part of it all.



Does a personal controversy malign a sportsperson's on-field image?


Shami has always conducted himself in a likable way with spectators and teammates. He signs autographs willfully and there have been reports when fans requested him to be a messenger and get Virat Kohli's signature, he agreed. Yes, the same Shami, who in March 2018, was accused of violence, abuse, and disturbing forms of harassment by wife Hasin Jahan (the two are divorced now).


So does it change our perception towards him? Let's understand it with an example. There isn't a day I don't think of Roger Federer's career. And whenever there is a case like Shami's or when Mike Tyson came visiting, I wonder, "what if Roger Federer does something terrible? What would happen to my estimation of him?"


He will be demoted to the jerk status. But I will not stop loving his tennis. And that is how it is, for most fans. In other words, the audience doesn't care how performers are as people, as long as they are not murderers or child abusers.


Meanwhile, in the Shami Opera, Hasin Jahan has joined the Congress.

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