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Players Are Using AI to Create Their Cricket Betting Strategies

In an era of the biggest technological revolution in human history, it seems crazy not to use technological advancements even for betting on cricket games.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 23.08.2023
Players Are Using AI to Create Their Cricket Betting Strategies

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Can AI Help You for Making an Advanced Cricket Betting Strategy

Sports betting is maybe slightly neglected when we talk about online gambling. It is hugely popular and has a growing player base who loves the dynamic nature of these predictions. Sure, some sports are more popular than others and gamblers love to play the sports they know about or love to watch. Such is the case with cricket, a sport with almost religious-like adoration in some countries.

Besides the love for the game, fans love to wager on the outcome of the matches, no matter if they do so in support of their favorite team or because they have know-how related to the game, league, or clubs and want to profit from it. Sports betting has shifted online lately, and players can implement their cricket betting strategies on those platforms. But can they utilize other technologies, like Artificial Intelligence for example, to their advantage?

The Popularity of Online Cricket Betting

When we talk about the popularity of betting, specifically on cricket, we should consider the factors that make it appealing to gamblers. First of all, this is a popular sport. It is played in over one hundred countries all over the world with many of them expanding the list. There are some huge competitions like T20 World Cup, Indian Premier League, and ICC World Cup which attract fans and sponsors.

You can find the best cricket betting sites in India listed in and place your bet for the mentioned tournaments. The game has simple rules, it is easy to understand them and fall in love with cricket. Besides all that, there are so many different wagering options in cricket, and that is interesting to gamblers.


What Is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

If you talk about this topic with some scientists, they will say it is the peak of human civilization. AI represents the invention of intelligence in machines, through algorithms and machine learning, that can imitate human intellect and carry out operations that are either too difficult or risky for people to manage. It will offer an array of uses that have the potential to alter our daily lives and workplaces, and in some way, it is already doing this.

Yes, the future holds vehicles that will drive themselves and virtual personal assistants, or maybe even machines that will perform surgeries. But today we have some glimpses of that with Siri, Alexa, Chat GPT, and other uses of AI in our daily lives that we didn’t even notice. Machines and software that uses AI can evolve and adapt, which implies that they have the potential to advance and become increasingly more sophisticated creatures as time passes.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Impacting the Sports Betting Platforms?

When it comes to sports and AI, we can say that they are already intertwined. The way that managers, players, and coaches engage with one another and devise different tactics has been revolutionized by artificial intelligence. Additionally, it provides sports betting programs with several advantages that improve both productivity and effectiveness. It can analyze for example the Indian Asia Cup 2023 squad and offer its predictions.  It does so with the use of data collection, predictive analysis, and game monitoring.

Smart data collection is accumulating data from users and creating better-personalized offers and services for gamblers. It accomplishes that by analyzing their behavior and preferences. Predictive Analysis uses complex algorithms to analyze past results of a team, trends, patterns, and forms to create its prediction of the outcome. It can offer a better insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a bet and help you make your decision. Game Monitoring gives an edge to players who use AI over the ones that enter the wagers manually. AI can spot the inaccuracies in the betting system faster and react accordingly.

What Are the Advanced Cricket Betting Strategies?

As we already mentioned, there are numerous options to bet on cricket matches as offered on gambling sites or applications. But there are also numerous strategies to wager on the cricket matches. They represent a well-thought-out approach to cricket betting, devised by experienced gamblers. To mention some, we will cover the popular ones.

The Dogon Strategy represents a mathematical strategy that is good for players that are starting to gamble on cricket. It is easy to understand as it represents a betting strategy in which you cover your losses. Every time you lose, you double your next bet until you win. In that way, in the end, when you win, you will cover your losses and make a profit. It is based on the presumption that you will have funds to cover every bet you lose until the winning one.

Flat Betting is a great strategy to get familiar with the game of cricket, the rules, and the basics of betting. It represents the betting of the same amount regardless of the result of your prediction or the game that you bet on. You use the same amount and keep an eye on your total wagering funds.

Oscar’s Grind represents the upgrade of the already mentioned Dogon strategy. Here, you don’t increase the wagering amount until you win your bet. Just like with Flat Betting, you keep your betting amount the same until you win. After that, you increase your next wager by doubling your funds. You do the same until the next win.


As you can see, most of the advanced betting strategies are based on math systems. Same as the programs, algorithms, and software, so it is only natural to assume that AI tools are the perfect help for the players who wager on cricket. With that in mind, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence presents sports betting platforms with a wide range of options and advantages.

Sports betting platforms are evolving to fulfill the needs of users thanks to AI technology, which has been at the center of most innovations. Combining cricket with the evolution of artificial intelligence seems like a sensible and profitable combination, that will benefit players who are open to using it for their advantage.

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