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Top 10 Players with most wickets in international cricket

Let’s look at the top 10 players with most wickets in international cricket in all the three formats Tests, ODIs and T20Is combined. Muttiah Muralitharan leads the list with 1347 wickets in international formats.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 04.02.2022
Players with most wickets in international cricket

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As our readers would remember, we did separate lists for most wickets taken by players in tests and ODIs separately , but now it is time to do the top 10 highest wicket takers across all formats. This is a list which every bowler who plays cricket wants to be included in as it will mean that they will pick up the most wickets for their country and win a lot more matches as a result of their picking Wickets.

The Bowlers who have been featured in this list are some of the greatest international bowlers to ever play the sport of cricket and they have left such an indelible mark on the game that their legacies will always be remembered forever by all cricket fans. Let’s look at the Top 10 players with most Wickets in international cricket.

1. Muttiah Muralitharan (1347 Wickets): 


This legendary spin bowler from Sri Lanka is well ahead of anyone as far as taking most wickets in international cricket is concerned. Muttiah Muralitharan had taken 800 test wickets and 534 ODI wickets as well as 13 T20I wickets which are the Highest in their respective formats. He is among not only the greatest spinners of all time but also one of the biggest match winners ever. A truly special player.


2. Shane Warne (1001 Wickets): 

If bowling was an art then Shane Warne is the Picasso of it as there has not been a greater artist in the art of spin bowling. He has taken 708 test wickets and 293 ODI wickets which is simply incredible. He bamboozled almost every batter he faced. The batters will breathe a sigh of relief that he is retired now.


3. Anil Kumble (956 Wickets): 

This champion leg spinner from India is 3rd on this list and he is one of the biggest match winners India ever saw. He picked up 619 test wickets and he also managed to get 337 ODI wickets this showing how versatile he was and he could adapt so easily.


4. Glenn McGrath (949 Wickets): 

The first pace bowler to feature on this list clearly shows he was one of the best ever fast bowlers and his swing was amazing to witness. He picked up 549 test wickets throughout his career as well as 381 ODI wickets and if that wasn’t enough he even got 5 wickets in T20IS and it could have been more had this format come when he was at his prime.


5. James Anderson (927 Wickets and counting): 

Although Jimmy Anderson is best known for his greatness in the test format but his record in white ball cricket is not had as well. He , till now has picked up 640 test wickets and the Fitness which he has even at his age and his hunger to play test cricket will surely get him more test wickets. He also has 269 ODI wickets as well as 18 wickets in the T20I format of the game.


6. Wasim Akram (916 Wickets): 

The greatest left arm fast bowler to have ever played the sport of cricket and his reverse swing was a thing of beauty. In the test format he got 414 wickets by outfoxing the batters and in the ODI format he was the Sultan of swing as he picked up 502 wickets playing for so many years. Wasim Akram was a treat to watch.


7. Shaun Pollock (829 Wickets): 

The first bowler from South Africa to feature on this list goes to show that out of a litany of great fast bowlers he was the best of the lot. He got 421 Wickets in the test format and 393 in the ODI format which shows he excelled in both formats equally and he even got 15 scalps in the T20I format of the game.


8. Waqar Younis (789 Wickets): 

Along with the great Wasim Akram he was the best fast bowler from Pakistan. He used to run from the boundary almost and bowl at more than 145 kmph and the batters feared him as well. He got 373 wickets in the longest format of the game while in the ODI format he got 416 batters out with his devastating pace.


9. Stuart Broad (780 Wickets): 

He is Perhaps the only bowler in this list who has played all three formats of the game for a decent period of time and has a lot of wickets in all the three formats. In the test format he has 537 wickets, in the ODIs he only has 178 scalps and in the T20I format he has got a very impressive 65 Wickets which is one of the best in the world.


10. Chaminda Vaas (761 Wickets): 

The last Bowler on our list is another great left arm fast bowler from Sri Lanka. Chaminda Vass was a very deceptive bowler who used his guile to pick lots of wickets. He got 355 scalps in the test format while in the ODI format he got 400 wickets and he played a few T20IS in which he also got 6 batters out.

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