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So cricket has won in the end, we guess?

With emotions flooding through millions minds in every game, cricket has reached another height in this modern concept of video game cricket. So cricket has won in the end, we guess?

Last updated: 01.11.2022
So cricket has won in the end, we guess?

With emotions flooding through millions minds in every game, cricket has reached another height in this modern concept of video game cricket. This 24/7 live coverage has ended the pretty much concept of cricket in very sense and this modern era of cricket pretty much look a ordinary approach of club level policies.

The hype, the unexpected drama and the twists to give audience an essence of thrill but it more look like if some scripted intentions fume in to reach its climax. As it is not first time visible in the cricket ground something what we have witnessed in India versus Pakistan game night on every big occasion the hype has raised for such twists through social media campaigns and marketing minds way before the start. Which also brought us to another conclusion the core cricket has indeed lost its essence.

Now days cricket has so many flaws with their own rules which have set by big boards who can do everything for their agenda. Its not the victory of cricket in the end, its victory of those minds who have stole the essence and the purity of game through their unexpected approaches.


The modern concept showcase the absurd image of cricket


The cricketers with those fancy clothes, tattoos on arms and unexpected fashion to look better from each other. That’s more look like some local club level cricket growing like corruption day by day at the highest level. The unexpected drama, the on field heated clash between players and umpires. Is it a war-field that we go through in every second game of cricket. And. To ignite the atmosphere the big boards have their rules and regulations with different perceptions. Seriously the cricket has left now big question Is indeed there or it is a cooperate mindset behind to run the game with any meaning.

Flashback to 2019 world cup final the big debate over the super over has never come to any conclusion? Like there are many are other games of cricket with strange controversy and the latest one is indeed the India and Pakistan game. This Rivalry remains one of the most intense in the history of sport but with the time everything the changed between two sides. The extra amount of thrill in this fast paced world of cricket has completely looted the essence in the advancement of game. There was a time when I prepare myself for the game with so much of interest. Back in early 2000s cricket was the way of life but now it more like distraction with many things look preplanned.

We expect cricket to be played with right measures not on some rules set by own mindsets of big boards. But still we are part of it and it is going on from the decade or more. In the recent years of cricket things have been very much given to batsman favor. Like in the history of 70s to 90s era of cricket there was pure bliss of contest between bowler and batsman. The greats like Sunil Gavaskar boomed in that era in extreme fast bowling.

Hard to expect there is quality fast bowling left in this cricket now. Even greats like Mitchell Johnson or Dale Steyn who has been retired way earlier in cricket there was excitement to watch such bowlers no matter what but now it proves how cricket has start becoming a curse for a fast bowler. The passion to boom the cricket has ended maybe a decade ago and left us with  hypocrites. Still if we not think about it maybe the essence of cricket will only talk in the history books.

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