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Top 5 Longest Overs in Cricket History

Check out here the top 5 longest overs in cricket history. It features some great international Bowlers who have had a horror over against their name.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 10.06.2022
Top 5 Longest Overs in Cricket History

This is a topic that not a lot of people cover but we are different as we will inform our readers about this topic as well because it's fun to know about the different stats about the sport of cricket and this is one of those records that is not talked about a lot and there are some names on this list that might surprise a few people. It features some great international Bowlers who have had a horror over against their name.

So without saying anything more, let’s get to the list of the 5 longest overs in the history of the sport, some of which are as long as 3 regular overs of 6 balls each. Our readers are going to know a lot of new details below.

Bert Vance – 22 Ball Over

The one over that Bert Vance of New Zealand bowled this time is equal to 3.4 overs of normal overs in a match and this incident happened during the 1989-1990 Shell Trophy Final while he was playing for Wellington against Canterbury. And as if bowling a 22 Ball Over was not enough that single over cost him and his side 77 runs and it is also the worst over in terms of runs ever recorded, so it can be said that Bert Vance has an over to forget for the rest of his life.

Mohammad Sami- 17 Ball Over

As I said before, some names here might surprise a few readers and this is one of those names. Mohammad Sami is one of the best fast bowlers to come out of Pakistan in the last 20 years and he was express fast but he also had a bad day vs Bangladesh at the 2004 Asia Cup where he bowled a 17 Ball Over which included 7 wide balls and 4 no balls and he should be thankful that there were no free hits for no balls during that time or else the 22 runs that he gave during this 17 Ball Over could have easily touched 40. Still it was an over which he would Never like to see again.

Curtly Ambrose – 15 Ball Over

And as I also said that there are some names in this list that are all time legends of the sport and the third name on this list of Curtly Ambrose is one such name. Out of all the records he haa, this is one which he would not like to remember. In 1997 vs Australia at Perth Ambrose bowled a 15 Ball Over in which he Bowled 9 no balls which is horrendous for anyone. So , if we take the 6 legal balls and the 9 no balls it makes a 15 Ball Over and luckily there are no free hits in test cricket.

Daryl Tuffey- 14 Ball Over

The fourth bowler on this list is also a name that not many readers would have expected to see and it is the New Zealand international Daryl Tuffey and he is remembered to be a sharp and an accurate bowler but the one time against Australia in 2005, he was given the new ball but what followed was shocking as he bowled a 14 Ball Over and everyone was shocked at what they were seeing. It was the second longest over in ODI cricket at the time. Such bad days happen to the best of us.

Scott Boswell – 14 Ball Over

Out of all the 5 names that we mentioned here the person that bowling such a bad over affected the most it would have to h Scott Boswell as he said that it finished his international career and it took him 10 years to recover from that 14 Ball Over. This was the final match of the C&G Trophy final between Leicestershire and Somerset at Lord’s and he was Somerset’s best bowler and in the final he had this shocker.

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