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Top 5 Most Wickets by Pace bowlers in International Cricket

Check out the list of top 5 most wickets by pace bowlers in international cricket. Currently, James Anderson is leading this list.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 15.09.2022
Top 5 Most Wickets by Pace bowlers in International Cricket

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This article has come at the right time as yesterday only we had a new number 1 in this list and he is an all time legend as are all of these incredible pace bowlers. To take the number of wickets that these fast bowlers have taken in so many years of international cricket is staggering. It shows the longevity of all these players that they played so much that they were able to take more wickets than most of the spinners who have ever played this sport.

Before we get into the list I have to say that not seeing any Indian fast bowler in this list is a bit sad but I hope with the fast bowling revolution that has engulfed India in the past few years and we will see an Indian fast bowler in the Top 5 of this list soon. With that being said let’s get to the Top 5 and celebrate these champions.

James Anderson – 951 International Wickets and counting


Yesterday only this legend became the number 1 in this position and he has been playing international cricket since 2003 at the highest level and even at 40 years he is one of the best fast bowlers in test cricket around the world. Jimmy Anderson is one of my all time favorites even though he has taken more than 100 wickets against India. His skill is a class apart and he has taken 664 Test Wickets in 174 Test Matches and he has also taken 269 ODI Wickets in 194 ODIs. He will play test cricket for a few more years meaning he will most probably be the first fast bowler to reach 1000 international Wickets.

Glenn McGrath – 949 International Wickets

The previous number 1 in this list is none other than the best fast bowler from Australia and his name is Glenn McGrath. He is like Jimmy Anderson but he was more successful in ODIs than Jimmy was and this is the reason he was number 1 for so long. He played for 14 years and in such a short period of time he took 949 international wickets which is staggering. He played 124 Test Matches for Australia and took 563 Test Wickets and in the 250 ODIs that he played for Australia he took 381 ODI Wickets. He used to bowl at a particular line and length and get all the batters out.

Wasim Akram – 916 International Wickets

At number 3 is the best fast bowler from Pakistan and possibly the best ever left arm fast bowler and that is Wasim Akram who is also known as the Sultan of Swing. He played international cricket for 19 years and he took 916 wickets at the most even spread than the first 2. He was a fast bowling great and very few could ever play him. In the 104 Test Matches that he played for Pakistan he took 414 Test Wickets while in the ODI format he played 356 ODIs for Pakistan and he took 502 ODI Wickets which is the second highest by any bowler in ODIs history. Pakistan has yet to see a greater fast bowler than him.

Shaun Pollock – 829 International Wickets

At number 4 is one of the best fast bowlers from South Africa and it is great to see the 4 fast bowlers so far in this list are from 4 different nations which means that during that time fast bowling was at its peak and Shaun Pollock was the spearhead for South Africa. He took 829 international Wickets among which 421 international wickets were taken in 108 Test Matches that he played for South Africa and in the 303 ODIs that he played he took 393 ODI wickets. He is first Bowler In this list so far who has also taken 15 wickets in T20IS as well.

Stuart Broad – 802 International Wickets and counting

At number 5 is the bowling partner for Jimmy Anderson who just like him played test cricket at the highest level and he also looks to play for a number of years and he will take a lot more wickets when he retires. Stuart Broad has taken 559 Test Wickets in 158 Test Matches so far and he will look to get to the 600 wickets mark and join Jimmy Anderson as only the second fast bowler to ever do it. He has also taken 178 Wickets in 221 ODIs and 65 Wickets in 56 T20IS he has played in. So he is a 3 format great which is rare.

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