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Top 5 players with best batting average in ODIs history

In this article, check out the top 5 players with best batting average in ODIs history. There are some of the best ever that have maintained that average after playing so many ODIs.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 19.06.2022
Top 5 players with best batting average in ODIs history

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After talking about the Top 5 batters with best average in Test cricket history it’s time to talk about the ODIs and there are some names on this list that are current and they might have a better average later on in their careers but we will consider them till last night. And we will also consider those players who have played more than 80 ODIs because 80 ODIs is a great barometer to judge how consistent a batter has been. There are some of the best ever that have maintained that average after playing so many ODIs.

Now that we have established the criteria for judging our list , let’s get straight to the list and tell our readers about the batters who are the most consistent and are going to get even better as the time goes along.

Babar Azam


The number 1 player on our list is also the ICC number 1 ODI batter in the world at the moment and just last night he has become the first ODI batter to score 3 consecutive ODI hundreds twice in his career and he is in the form of his life and his average will increase further as the Matches go along. Babar Azam has played 87 ODIs till last night and he will play 2 more in the coming week vs West Indies and his average as of last night is 59.78 with 17 ODI hundreds to his name and 4363 runs in ODIs till last night.

Virat Kohli

As impressive Babar Azam has been over the last few years there has been 1 king in the ODI format for the last 10 years and his name is Virat Kohli. He has played 260 ODIs for India till now and his average is a whopping 58.07 which had dropped in the last few months owing to some low scores and no hundreds in the last 2 years. He will bounce back no doubt but till now he has 43 ODI hundreds and 12311 ODI runs in his Kitty. Once he gets back to form that average will go over 60 in no time.

Michael Bevan

The third batter on our list is perhaps the greatest ODI finisher cricket has ever seen and the numbers show that. Michael Bevan has played 232 ODIs and he has a staggering average of 53.58 in his career and he has finished so many matches for Australia over the years. He has also scored 6912 ODI runs for Australia and is one of the greatest ever.

AB De Villiers

The fourth batter in this list is the greatest that South Africa cricket has ever seen and his name is AB De Villiers. He has played 228 ODIs for South Africa and has an average of 53.50 and was the toast of the cricketing world and he scored 9577 ODI runs for South Africa with 25 ODI hundreds and a career unlike any other. He will be sorely missed not just by South Africa cricket but cricket fans all around the world.

Shai Hope

It is great to see that all 5 batters in this list are from different countries and this shows that ODI cricket is very well played in all nations and the last member of this list is the most dependable batter from the West Indies, Shai Hope. He has played 93 ODIs till now and has an average of 52.29 in his career and he has scored 4025 runs till now and will score lots more runs like the hundred he scored last night. He has also made 12 ODI hundreds for West Indies and will make a lot more by the time his career ends.

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