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Types of Catching in Cricket | Australian Catching Style vs English Catching Style

Let’s take a look into two types of catching in cricket, Australian catching style vs English catching style and find out what is the posture that we need to maintain in this.

Last updated: 03.03.2021
Types of Catching in Cricket | Sports Social Blog

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The game of Cricket is always thrilling and breathtakingly beautiful. It is a game of teamwork. Batsmen, bowler and fielders together play the game and orchestrate the team’s victory. It gives great pleasure to observe the fielding of players during a cricket match. The efforts they use in the field require great physical as well as mental health. English fielding style and Australian fielding style are the two well-known fielding strategies in cricket. This fielding strategy is well-known because of their style of fielding. 

Let’s take a look into these two styles and find out what is the posture that we need to maintain in this.



English Fielding Style:

English fielding style or catching style is one of the most known styles in modern day cricket. In this method what the fielder has to do is that, Interlink the two little fingers and butt together the heel of your hands to create the strong catching structure. Most often the players forget to spread the thumbs out and this is achieved by moving your elbows closer together. Note the effect that the elbows have on the size and shape of the catching area.


Australian Catching Style:

Australian catching style is one another type which is very famous in cricket. The advantage of the Australian method of catching is that it encourages fielders to make contact with the ball above their eye line. As a result, the fielder can watch the ball for longer as it goes into their hands and if a fumble occurs, he often gets a second bite at the catch. It is very much important to make a good catching area and this is achieved by thumb and forefinger of one hand over the thumb and forefinger of another hand. Thus a web like structure is made by the hands and is impossible to lose the grip.

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