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Was Now the Right Time for Stuart Broad to Retire?

Stuart Broad announced his retirement from cricket during the fifth Test but was now the right time for the fast bowler to step away from the sport?

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 15.08.2023
Was Now the Right Time for Stuart Broad to Retire?

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The 2023 Ashes series between England and Australia ended level at 2-2. It was an enthralling contest that was only let down by the weather in the fourth Test and as a result of the draw, Australia retained the Ashes.

There will be many special moments to recall over the months and years following this series but one of the most joyful will be the smile on the face of Stuart Broad at the end of the final Test. Broad announced his retirement from cricket during the fifth Test but was now the right time for the fast bowler to step away from the sport?

One of the Greats


There can be no argument as the facts speak for themselves, Broad is one of the greatest players in the history of cricket, not only for England but in the world. Broad is only the second seam bowler to claim 600 Test wickets, doing so during the 2023 Ashes series against Australia. The only fast bowler who has more wickets in Test cricket than Broad is his bowling partner, Jimmy Anderson.

It is unlikely any modern bowler is going to surpass the total of 800 wickets achieved by Muttiah Muralitharan but he was a spin bowler. Despite having taken plenty of wickets against various nations around the world, Broad will be best remembered for his bowling spells against Australia.

The Oval in 2009, Durham in 2013, and Trent Bridge in 2015 are three that immediately come to mind. His final Test against Australia was also special and we will come to that in more detail shortly. For those who wanted to bet which player would take the first wicket when England were playing Australia, Broad was always one of the favourites. This was especially true when facing David Warner, who Broad knew he could get out. For those who wanted to bet on Broad to take the next wicket but had a small budget, minimum 100 rs deposit betting sites were the best option. Minimum deposit betting sites remain the best choice for those who do not want to spend big on their cricket betting.

The Perfect Time to Retire

Little did Broad know at the time he announced his retirement but it could not have come with a better ending to his career. The final shot played by Broad as batsman was hit for 6 and he was the man to take the final two wickets of Australia’s second innings to win the fifth Test and level the 2023 Ashes series. Broad could not predict the future but he always had 100% belief in his own ability and he would have had the thought in the back of his mind of what could happen in Australia’s second innings.

However, there was a lot more to the decision than that and the reason why now is the right time for Broad to retire is because it means he goes out at the top of the game. Broad could have continued playing into his 40’s but not everyone has the longevity of Anderson and only Broad knows how his body feels. It is always better for a sports person to go out at the very top, if possible, rather than try and keep playing at the top level when they can no longer produce the goods. Broad did not want to become a sentimental pick for the England team and let the players and the fans down. “I knew deep down that I wanted to finish playing cricket at the very top,” said Broad. “I’ve had a love affair with the Ashes my whole life and the thought of being able to bowl my last ball and face my last ball against Australia fills me with joy.”

The fact Broad still knew a lot of people in the England dressing room at the time of his announcement also had a role to play in the timing of his retirement. Broad wanted to leave the game playing with people he knew and people he regarded as friends.

What Next for Broad?

Much like taking the first wicket on the opening morning of a Test, Broad has wasted no time in deciding what he wants to do next. He has signed a contract to join the cricket commentary team on Sky Sports and he is going to continue working in the sport he loves.

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