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Why is Cricket Betting so popular in India?

People in India are all about cricket betting. And who can blame them? After all, this is the most popular sport in the country. Let’s figure out why punters rally behind cricket betting.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 02.03.2022
Why is Cricket Betting so popular in India

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In most countries globally, football (otherwise known as soccer in some parts) is the go-to sport. People rally behind footballers, posting memes, following every aspect of the match, and placing wagers on select games. You might expect that it would also be the same case in India. But guess what? People in India are all about cricket betting. And who can blame them? After all, this is the most popular sport in the country. Let’s figure out why punters rally behind cricket betting, shall we?


What factors do you consider when betting on any sport? If you are like most people, you want to wager on a sport that you like. And like we mentioned before, most people in India love cricket. It thus makes sense that they would bet on cricket. After all, they understand the gameplay, know almost every player in the professional league, and enjoy the sport. To them, it’s not just about making money – it’s also a show of faith in their favorite players.



Easy Money

Some people have changed their livelihoods by betting on cricket after winning large amounts of cash. And this fact is not lost on punters in the country who also hope to make it big. Thanks to the many tournaments in the country and globally, punters can always place wagers. So, they have come to liken cricket betting to easy money, hence the popularity.


Tons of Events

Punters don’t just have to bet on games in India. Instead, they can also place wagers on tournaments across the globe. These include the smaller events and the major ones that attract a lot of interest that come with huge payouts. The excitement of having so many options appeals to many punters looking for variety in their wagers.


Information Availability

Cricket has long been a sport of interest in India. It thus serves that information about this sport would be available to any punter. You can learn about it online, in books, magazines, flyers, etc. You can even get what you need from a fellow punter – not to mention the many betting forums available online and in person. So, there is no barrier to entry into this fantastic betting world. As a result, many people find it easy to start wagering even when they are newbies in betting.


Less Risk

Punters are always advised to learn as much about a sport before ever placing a wager on it. And in India, more people know about cricket than they do about other sports. They thus shy off from placing bets on other popular games like football and basketball. After all, who wants to put their faith in something they don’t understand? They choose to wager on cricket, which they know a lot about, as it is the safer bet. That’s why the cricket wagers keep getting better.



What happens when a sport attracts so much attention in a country? Well, bookies do everything they can to ensure that punters can wager on it. People in India do not even need to walk into a betting shop to place a wager. Why? – Bookies have availed online betting sites, which work great even on mobile phones. Some even offer mobile betting apps for added convenience. And the minimum deposits are pretty low, ensuring that almost every punter can start wagering right away. Did we mention that there are many options to choose from when placing a wager?


Did you know that sports betting is not actually legal in India? Even so, that has not stopped bookies from taking money from eager punters. And while you might think that bookies would take advantage of the legality issues, they do not. Instead, they offer punters various means to keep playing while keeping their identities and money safe. But, of course, you must bet with reputable sites to avoid falling victim to unscrupulous sites.

On top of all these reasons, punters also enjoy a range of betting bonuses and promotions with lenient wagering requirements. It’s not hard to see why cricket betting continues to be a top betting option for most people in India.

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