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Why should Hardik Pandya be the captain for India in T20Is going forward?

Hardik Pandya should be the permanent captain for India in this T20 format and going by everything it looks like the official stamp. Why should Hardik Pandya be the captain for India in T20Is going forward?

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 28.12.2022
Hardik Pandya named T20I Captain

It can be safely said that the T20I format has given India and its fans the biggest disappointment in the past 2-3 years as India has lost 2 back to back T20I World Cups and under 2 different captains and so the natural question is who should be the successor for Team India in the long run in this format. This article is at the correct time because today only the team for the Sri Lankan home series will be selected and the vision for the future will also be visible.

I think Hardik Pandya should be the permanent captain for India in this format and going by everything we have seen it looks like the official stamp that will be put up today. Below I will give the reasons why I think Hardik Pandya is the only choice to take T20I cricket forward. So, let’s get to it.

Calm and Composed under pressure

One of the most important traits in the captaincy of Hardik Pandya that we have seen in the IPL and in the few Matches that he has led India in are that he is extremely calm and Composed even in the most pressure situations and that helps the team to be calm under pressure. Hardik Pandya does not get under pressure or get panicked and take wrong or rash decisions when he is under the pump. He finds a way to bounce back and that is because he is so calm and he is able to think clearly. This quality of his reminds of .S Dhoni a lot.

Not afraid to take bold decisions for the team

One of the most special characteristics of Hardik Pandya the captain is that he is not afraid to take bold and sometimes tough calls for the betterment of the team. For example if a young player is doing well for India and a senior player makes themselves available then Hardik will back the young player and he will give him all the confidence. Hardik always does what he thinks will make his team win. And this will be very useful if he captains India in the long run.

Leading from the front and a Players Captain

Hardik Pandya is the perfect example of someone who is leading from the front in all the departments of the game. For Gujarat Titans he used to bat at number 4 and he used to score so many runs for them and with the ball he was excellent as well giving it his all and he will do the same for India as well and all the players will follow his lead.

And he is a true player’s captain as he will back the players come what may, like he backed Washington Sundar vs New Zealand when he was getting hit for fours and sixes and then In the next over he got a wicket or the way he backed Deepak Hooda to bowl overs and he took lots of wickets. He will back his players and give them a long run to prove themselves. And that is a Mark of a great captain and leader and Hardik Pandya is a natural leader.

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