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Rario V/s Striker Club: Which is Better?

The major platforms spearheading the fantasy cricket genre are Rario and Striker Club. Let’s explore both these platforms to help you make an informed decision.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 19.04.2023
Rario V/s Striker Club: Which is Better?

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In India, online fantasy cricket’s popularity is spreading like wildfire. People have lapped up this concept from the get-go, so much so that the fantasy sports companies are expected to earn ₹2,900-3,100 crore in this calendar year of 2023.

The major platforms spearheading the fantasy cricket genre are Rario and Striker Club, among others. Both these platforms are quickly gaining prominence among cricket lovers and let users rent, buy or sell player cards (NFTs) from the marketplace. In addition, users can even partake in various fantasy contests throughout the year to flaunt their cricket knowledge and earn money.

Let’s explore both these platforms to help you make an informed decision. However, if you can’t decide, there’s no harm in playing both these games as they offer massive entertainment and room for socialization.


What is Rario?

Rario is a Singapore-based licensed digital player card game allowing users to trade, collect and use virtual cricket player cards to create their fantasy teams. The platform features limited-edition digital player cards of 1000+ top cricketers. Users can buy, sell or rent them on Rario’s platform, win massive rewards, and earn real money.

On the platform, users can immerse themselves in D3, a cricket strategy game co-created with Dream Sports. Compete in D3 by creating your squads using player cards and win amazing rewards, including exclusive player meets, VIP match tickets, official merchandise, etc.

●  What is Striker Club?

Striker Club is an online fantasy cricket app where gamers can create fantasy cricket teams using player cards. The player cards are used to participate in fantasy contests and win real money.

The player cards can be traded on Striker’s marketplace to earn money. The platform has five types of player cards - Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Striker. Out of these, Striker is the rarest, and fantasy points are multiplied by 3.



Striker Club


● Marketplace for renting, selling or buying digital player cards and sports collectibles (NFTs)

●  Quick signup

● Large community across Telegram, Twitter and Discord

● Online fantasy sports platform

●     Hassle-free signup

●      Large community across Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Player card types

●    Bronze (+10 boost)

●    Silver (+20 boost)

●    Gold (+30 boot)

●   Black (+50 boost)

●  Common (1x)

●   Rare (1.5x)

●   Epic (2x)

●   Legendary (2.5x)

●  Striker (3x)

Contests & tournaments

Free fantasy contests in D3 Club

●  Free contests

●Mini-fantasy contests

●Paid fantasy contests

Signup bonus

INR 800

INR 300


Rario V/s Striker Club: A Brief Comparison

1. How to sign up?

Signing up is accessible on both platforms.

On Rario, you can continue with Google or enter your email address and create a password.

On Striker Club, you must download the application by entering your phone number. Next, the platform sends a download link, and then you can register using your existing Gmail account or connect via social media.

2. How to play on Rario V/s Striker Club?

On Rario, users can trade, sell and rent player cards on the marketplace. Four player cards are on the platform: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Black. Bronze is the lowest rarity card, and Black is the highest. On the platform, the player cards offer boosts to fantasy scores.

On the platform, users are given XP points. So, if you start with a new player card with 0 XP and whenever the player is used in a fantasy match, the experience points increase. Likewise, whenever the player card is used in a contest, the XP increases by 2%. Also, users can collect collectibles and trade them on the marketplace to earn real money.

On Striker Club, users play with five cricket player cards and work as a multiplier. The cards are Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Striker. The lowest rarity is the Common player card, and the highest rarity is the Striker player card. To play, you must create a fantasy cricket using five digital cards and participate in contests and tournaments.

On the platform, a new feature has been added called Impact Player. This feature allows users to make one in-game tactical substitution for each match. Therefore, add five main players + a substitute player to their cricket fantasy team.

3. What are the different contests on both these platforms?

On Rario, users can participate in different leagues and contests, such as D3 and other games that will be released in the future. However, users must purchase officially licensed players to participate in D3 Club fantasy contests.

On Striker Club, users can create fantasy teams using five player cards and participate in free fantasy contests, mini-fantasy contests, and paid fantasy contests. The different contests on Striker Club are explained below.

Contest type


  1. Free fantasy contest

No registration fee is required.

  1. Paid fantasy contest

A small registration fee is required to participate. The fee varies from one contest to the other.

  1. Mini fantasy contest

Predict & Win mode where users predict and pick player cards to different cricket-related questions.


Which Platform is Better?

Although the apps are easily available across devices and they offer fantasy sports games, the difference between Rario and Striker Club will help you choose the platform. Take a look.


Striker Club

Three players used to compete in a contest.

Six players used to compete in a contest.

Create only one fantasy team at a time.

Create multiple fantasy teams.

Only licensed players are available.

Every player is available.

UPI and wired transactions since this is an American company.

Add and withdraw money in minutes using PhonePe, Paytm and UPI apps, along with bank transfer because it is an Indian company.



Rario and Striker Club are great for cricket enthusiasts to flex their knowledge. However, it comes down to personal choice, and avid gamers can try gaming on both platforms to earn massive rewards.

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