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Fantasy Premier League: FPL Gameweek 17 Top 5 Picks

After an intense midweek filled with surprises that were not necessarily positive, the Premier League advances to it’s next set of games. Lets take a look at some of the best picks for FPL GW 17.

Last updated: 01.01.2021
Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 17 Top 5 Picks | Sports Social Blog

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After an intense midweek filled with surprises that were not necessarily positive, the Premier League advances to it’s next set of games. Registering a draw, Liverpool is within swinging distance for several of the other clubs. With this week’s games, Tottenham has dropped all the way to seven and they need to be clinical in order to stay within Championship territory. The Premier league is set to display more instances of unexpectedness. Here are some of the best Picks for FPL for this week.

#1. Wilfried Zaha(MID; Crystal Palace)

He has been performing well this season, amassing 86 points and 11 goal contributions. He only goes for 7.4 which makes him an attractive buy even in the long term. Lastly he is up against Sheffield United who seem to be having a tough time at each of the games. There is a great chance for him to rack up some significant points. 


#2. Marcus Rashford( MID; Manchester United)

Manchester United is up against Aston Villa, who are far from pushovers. With Fernandes and Rashford at the helm though, things might just go in their favour. Rashford has slowly but surely amassed a lot of points so far, and he will look to get some more in the upcoming game. The 9.5 youngster has had 11 goal contributions so far. 

#3. Son Heung Min (MID; Tottenham)

Having either of Son or Harry Kane seems to be a necessity at this point. The 9.7 midfielder has had 15 goal contributions so far and he is unlikely to stop. He has been one of, if not the best player in the league so far. Now that he is up against Leeds and he will be looking forward to causing some serious damage to Bamford and his cohorts. 

#4. Patrick Bamford (FWD; Leeds)

Speaking of Bamford, the Englishman is one of the best value for money picks at the league, going for 6.5. Despite the low price, he has managed 99 points so far with 15 goal contributions. He could also add a few more points against Tottenham despite being underdogs. He will also not take any penalty from conceding which might work in the favour for those brave souls who opt for both Harry Kane and Bamford.

#5. Andrew Robertson( DEF; Liverpool)

This man has quickly leapt all the way to the top of the defenders. Liverpool seems to be doing well with the passing games, especially defensively. Robertson has been impeccable with his crossing aside from having a minimum for 6 points for a clean sheet(no cards). The 7.3 full back even has 10 goal contributions to his name. 

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