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The equation of Round of 16 in FIFA World Cup 2018

The league stage of the tournament is about to finish, let's take a look at the current position of every group.

Last updated: 27.06.2018
FIFA World Cup equations in Round of 16 | Sports Social Blog

2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has been quite exciting and exhilarating to watch so far. It has produced some nerve-wrecking encounters in the competition as the league stage of the tournament is about to finish, let's take a look at the current position of every group.

Group A (Decided)

Uruguay played consistently well, as a result, they have won all three league matches. They have qualified for the knock-out stages as a group winner. Uruguay will play their round of 16 matches against the Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal. Host Russia qualified as the second team from this group. They will meet Spain in the next round of the competition.

                                P W D GD Pt

Uruguay (Q)      3     3 0     5 9

Russia(Q)            3     2 0     4 6

Saudi Arabia          3 1 0 (-)5  3

Egypt                       3 0 0 (-)4 0

Group B (Decided)

Spain has done just enough to progressed to the last 16 as a group winner, they left behind Portugal on goal difference. Portugal is the other team to qualify from this group. Both these team have played out a draw in their last league matches respectively.

                           P W D GD Pt

 Spain(Q)         3 1 2 1      5

 Portugal(Q)    3 1 2 1       5

 Iran                  3 1 1 0 4

 Morocco          3 0 1 (-)2   1

Group C (Decided)

France by far was the best team from this group. And rightfully they have taken the pole position. France played out a draw against Denmark in their last group game. Pogba’s side will take on Argentina in the round of 16 on 30th June 2018 (7.30 IST). Denmark qualified as the second team from this group. They will play against the champions of Group D in the next round.

                             P W D GD Pt

France(Q)            3 2 1 2 7

Denmark(Q)       3 1 2 1  5

Peru                      3 1 0 0 3

Australia              3 0 1 (-)3 1

Group D (Decided)

Zlatko Dalic has made nine changes in Croatia's side for their last group game on Tuesday, yet they have managed to beat Iceland to top the group. They will face Denmark in the next round of the competition.

For the next slot, it was a tussle between Argentina and Nigeria. Argentina became victorious in that contest and took the second position. They will play against France in the round of 16.

                           P W D GD Pt

Croatia(Q)        3 3 0 6  9

Argentina(Q)   3 1 1 (-)2  4

Nigeria              3 1 0 (-)1 3

Iceland              3 0 1 (-)3 1

Group E (will conclude today)

The following possibilities may come into play. Brazil needed a draw against Serbia to qualify in the last 16. Switzerland will qualify if they get one point from their game against Costa Rica.

If Serbia wins against Brazil, then they will qualify and Brazil will make their exit from the competition.

Note: Champions of this group will play against the runner-up of the Group F and vice-versa.

                        P W D GD Pt

Brazil              2 1 1 2  4

Switzerland   2 1 1  1 4

Serbia             2 1 0 0  3

Costa Rica     2 0 0 (-)3 0

Group F (will conclude today)

Anything can happen in this group. It is very tough to call who will make it to the round of 16 from this very tight group. However, let’s take a look at few possibilities. If Mexico can get 1 one point against Sweden, then Mexico will qualify for the next round as a group winner. On the other hand, Germany will qualify if they win against South Korea by the

margin of 2 goals or more, in that case, Sweden can only progress in the next round if they produce a better result than Germany.

If Germany and Sweden both of them get 1 point each from their respective matches, then the team who scores more goal will progress to the knock-out stages. And If the scoreline remains same in both the matches then Germany will qualify as a runner-up from this group. Since

Germany already defeated Sweden.

But don’t count out Korea even they can make it to the next round if they win against Germany and Sweden loses their match against Mexico.

                  P W D GD Pt

Mexico      2 2 1  2 6

Germany  2 1 0   0 3

Sweden     2 1 0   0 3

S.Korea     2 0 0 (-)2   0

Group G

England and Belgium two superior teams have already booked their place in the round of 16. The match against England and Belgium is scheduled to take place on Thursday, and outcome of that match will decide the winner of this group. If the game ends in a draw, then it will be decided on the basis of cards. England has two yellow cards and Belgium has three.

28th June, England vs Belgium, Panama vs Tunisia

                  P W D GD Pt

England    2 2 0  6 6

Belgium    2 2 0  6 6

Tunisia      2 0 0 (-)4   0

Panama     2 0 0 (-)8   0

Group H

This is another tricky group. All three teams except Poland are in contention to qualify in the last 16 of the competition.

The following possibilities may occur. To qualify for the knockout’s both Japan and Senegal needed a draw in their last league game. If Senegal loses then Colombia will go through to the next round. In that case, Japan has to lose by a fewer goal margin than Senegal to qualify. Colombia can qualify with a draw if Japan loses their match. Since Colombia have better goal difference than Japan.

28th June, Japan vs Poland, Senegal vs Colombia

                  P W D GD Pt

Japan        2 1 1  1 4

Senegal     2 1 1   1 4

Colombia  2 1 0    2 3

Poland      2 0 0 (-)4 0

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