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Ronaldinho | From the glory to the hole

Ronaldinho was arrested in the nation's capital, Asunción, on 6th March. He and his sibling had supposedly utilized phoney Paraguayan passports and IDs.

Last updated: 27.03.2020
Ronaldinho from the glory to the hole | Sports Social Blog

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In the Coronavirus outbreak, football has been affected throughout the globe with most major leagues postponing all the national leagues. Ronaldinho, having played his last game 5 years back for Fluminense, still scored five and set up six, for his team from the Paraguayan jail. Ronaldinho was arrested in the nation's capital, Asunción, on 6th March. He and his sibling had supposedly utilized phony Paraguayan passports and IDs, although his legal counselor keeps up that his client didn't have a clue about the documents, which were adulterated, as they were given to him by a local sponsor. Ronaldinho and Assis made a trip to Paraguay to participate in a youngsters' charity occasion and promote another book. They have denied any bad behavior or wrongdoings and said they were given the passports as a "gift" after showing up at Asuncion's airport.

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At a court hearing, for which the brothers arrived handcuffed, judge Clara Ruiz Diaz ordered the pair to remain in jail pending the police investigation, citing flight risk. Ruiz Diaz described the alleged crime as a "serious one against the interests of the Paraguayan state", according to local media. Ronaldinho’s lawyer said that an appeal would be raised accordingly. Ronaldinho is now kept in a maximum-security prison. There, he shares a cell, which “looks more like a hotel”, according to the home secretary, with his brother Roberto de Assis Moreira. In the same cell block is a former president of Paraguay’s football association, who was jailed for money laundering.

In November 2018, the siblings had their passport and IDs seized by Brazilian police in the wake of neglecting to pay a fine because of a 2015 legal dispute. They recovered the visas last September - adequately finishing a 10-month remote travel ban - after paying a million-dollar fine for building an angling stage without natural licenses.


South American and Spanish media flocked to get reports of the story like tourists to Camp Nou, reporting every possible information of the former Barcelona star’s life in jail. The superintendent would not go into subtleties on the most significant issue, however: Ronaldinho's football career in jail. All things considered, the bits of gossip flew, particularly after specialists denied his solicitation for house capture and an obligation of $1.6m. Nearby outlets detailed that the 39-year-old had been approached to play by a few groups in jail yet at first declined because he needed boots and had none. Within a few days, photographs and recordings leaked from the prison indicated the 2005 Ballon d'Or victor bringing the enchantment back for his new team, Negro Cumbiero. Kitted out in a vest, dark boots and trunks, Ronaldinho had an impact in each goal of his team's 11-2 win. In recent news, it has also been found out that Ronaldinho also celebrated his 40th birthday behind bars.

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