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UEFA Euro Championship: All-Time Stats and Record

Unveil the UEFA Euro record breakers! Discover which teams and players dominate the stats, from Germany's goal-scoring prowess to Ronaldo's record appearances. Explore most titles, consecutive wins, top scorers, and more!

Moinak Banerjee
Last updated: 14.05.2024
UEFA Euro Championship All-Time Stats and Record

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The second-most watched international tournament after the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro will take centre stage this summer with the 17th edition of the competition set to be hosted in Germany. Since its inception in 1958, initially named the European Nations' Cup until 1968, the Euros has firmly established itself as a true Pan-European competition with as many as 36 out of 55 UEFA-affiliated countries having taken part in history. The competition has been held every four years since 1960 except for the 2020 edition when the tournament was held a year later due to the pandemic. A total of 12 sides have lifted the title including four teams who tasted success twice or more.    

The most successful sides in the competition history are Germany and Spain with three titles each. The title triumphs for the former came before this century while the latter has been more successful in past decades including winning the Euros back-to-back, the only side to have done so. Despite that, Die Mannschaft has dominated most of the records in the tournament. They have reached the final more than any other side and have scored the most goals. However, the all-time top-scorer award belongs to the football mega-star Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal. The 39-year-old will also appear for a record-extending sixth Euro finals.              


Records by Teams in the UEFA Euro Championship

Most championships: Germany (1972, 1980, 1996) and Spain (1964, 2008, 2012)  

Most consecutive championships: Spain (2008, 2012) 

Most appearances: Germany (14)  

Most consecutive appearance: Germany (14)   

Most appearances in the knockouts: Germany and Portugal (8) 

Most appearance in the final: Germany (6) 

Most consecutive appearance in the final: Germany (3)

Most wins: Germany (27)

Most wins in a single tournament: France, Spain, Italy, England (5)  

Most consecutive matches without a loss: Spain (14) 

Most draws: Italy (18)

Most draw in a single tournament: Portugal and Spain (7)  

Most consecutive draws: Portugal (4) 

Most consecutive matches without a draw: Czech Republic (17) 

Most losses: Denmark (17)

Most goals scored: Germany (78)

Highest average of goals scored per match: Netherlands (1.67)

Top scoring team in a single tournament: France (14 goals in 1984)  

Most consecutive matches scoring at least one goal: England (11) 

Most consecutive matches without scoring a goal: Ukraine (5) 

Most goals scored in a match by a team: Netherlands (6) 

Most goals scored in a final by a team: Spain (4-0 vs Italy in 2012)

Most individual goalscorers for a team in a single tournament: Germany (8 in 2012)   

Most goals conceded: Germany (53)

Least goals conceded: Norway (1) 

Most consecutive clean sheets: Spain (7) 

Most consecutive games without clean sheets: Ukraine (11)  

Most appearances without being champions: England (10)   

Most group stage elimination: Russia (6) 

Most consecutive appearance in the knockouts: Portugal (8) 

Most played fixture: Spain vs Italy (7) 

Highest winning record: Netherlands (51.3%) 

Most matches played without keeping a clean sheet: Ukraine (11)    

Most sendings off: Netherlands (4) 

Records by Players and Coaches in the UEFA Euro Championship

Most tournaments played: Cristiano Ronaldo (5) 

Most matches played: Cristiano Ronaldo (25) 

Most appearances as captain: Cristiano Ronaldo (16) 

Most matches won: Cristiano Ronaldo (12) 

Most consecutive finals: Rainer Bonhof (1972, 1974, 1980)

Top goalscorer: Cristiano Ronaldo (14) 

Most goals scored in a single tournament: Michel Platini (9 goals in 1984) 

Most hat-tricks: Michel Platini (2) 

Most goals scored by a substitute: Dieter Müller (3) 

Most penalties scored (excluding shootout): Cristiano Ronaldo (3)

Most clean sheets: Edwin van der Sar and Iker Casillas (9)

Most clean sheets in a tournament: Iker Casillas and Jordan Pickford (5) 

Most goals conceded: Petr Cech (21) 

Most cards: Giorgos Karagounis (8) 

Most matches coached: Joachim Löw (21) 

Most matches won: Joachim Löw (12)

Most consecutive tournaments with the same team: Joachim Löw (4)

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